Wednesday, October 3, 2007

dragon beard candy

dragon beard candy or 龙须糖 (lóng xū táng) is a traditional chinese candy. the Chinese Cultural Society in the college had their annual Mid autumn festival celebration in the afternoon and there were mochi, hard rock candies (ting ting tong), longan drinks, jelly mooncakes, dragon beard candies and many other varieties of candies for the sweet tooth on sale.

dragon beard candy

they were really really pretty to look at. so i bought a pack of 8 for rm8. very pricey, but ah well... all in the name of being chinese, eating chinese and celebrating a chinese festival.

i dont think ive eaten any dragon beard candy that deserves my THE BESTESTEST™ award just yet but this one that i bought...

oh. mai. gourd.

*looks can be soooooo deceiving*

it was... horryterryvegetable. it was hard. it was super sticky. and it doesnt have enough peanuts filling. grrrrr....

well i read something on the internet that says these symptoms of hard, sticky and chewy are due to being left uneaten for more than 30-60 minutes. gosh... god knows how long those candies were pre-packed before i saved them from being uneaten.


you know how we chinese have a rhyming saying that goes, "mm pa mou yeh sek, zhui pa mm hou sek"?? (not afraid of hunger, but afraid of food that taste bad) or something to that effect-laah.

see how sticky it was?? even gravity loses hands down!

this deserves the inaugural never been given THE WORSTESTEST™ award for dragon beard candy.

i think the olden chinese are such creative people! look how they make dragon beard candies' beard strands... it makes the art of 'pulling' so cool. listen to what the super chef says, and answer my question:

'how many strands of beard can 12 folds create?'

_______ strands.

no prizes for guessing the correct answer but hope you've learned something from it!

happy mid autumn festival
中秋节 (zhōngqiūjié)!!

on a non related foodnews, i just found out that...

wah... on this day, 5 years ago, i registered for this email and it has been my primary email since then!!

happy 5 years anniversary my dear! hope you will have many more happy emails coming in your inbox



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Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

I have always been amazed how they made such fine noodles/candy. They're really skilled people. I love ramen with soup!

Poor fello, bought bad quality dragon beard candy. But hey, I can't even find it here.

Chang said...

apasal ur blog got no place to talk or crap
terpaksa do it here

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