Saturday, October 6, 2007


*ya, i voted for myself, so?*

vios has always been my realistic dream car.

(my unrealistic dream cars include bmw z4, bmw x5, bmw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 series, porsche, ferrari, mercz a-z class, yada yada yadaaa.)

if money is not a constraint (i wish money grow on MY trees!) i would really want a vios than myvi. its just the right size and its sucha beauty.

but, fact is... money IS a constraint :(

i have an undying love for vios. its the bestestest™ looking executive car.

the old vios i mean. the new vios looks so wrong in every single aspect IMHO.

anytheway, its not like i can afford to buy, so why bother eh?

*shameless effort to pull votes*

that is why you will have to vote for me!

make me a step closer to owning a vios. make me have my winning design plaster all over the billboards, magazines, tv, coffeeshops, shopping malls, automalls, pasar malam, pasar pagi, pasar tani bla ble bli blo blu.

this is the link-

*ok look for this design k. it's mine!*

find for my design k! it's called 'pastel beauty' :)


my new design!!

look out for 'classic stripes'!

/end of update.

dont ask me belanja you makan if i win because there's no cash prize. the most i can repay your kindness is sell the dvd camcorder and belanja you makan roti pisang.

but! think of my happiness!! my happiness will be your happiness too right?

p/s: cant believe toyota so kiam siap. a dvd camcorder as the grand prize. omg, tell people also people laugh la right. but who cares, the cream of the soup is having your design plaster all over the above mentioned places! that would be so kooooool.

pp/s: actually the chosen designs will only be published at The Star and electronic billboards la. but you might never know, it'll end up at the pasars cos people use it to bungkus nasi lemak mah. correct or not??


Calvin said...

Hey dear, Your design is very nice! Looks like something which actually can be done on a real car unlike the rest which are so ugly! I tried looking for your car, but there is like thousands of entries. I click my mouse like 30 times and I am still at the entries beginning with B. Why can't they make something with a search function or something. I wanna vote for your design! Good job anyway dear!

YilingL said...

thankies. there are probably a million entries there. their sorting system does not serve its purpose much :( it's ok, for the fun of it.

Vkie said...

Did u just design that?!
Eh, teach me some photoshop skill weh
My goodness!
That's really a very creative design la sweetie!!
Keep it up!
;) U say one ar.. if u win, roti pisang sattuuuuuuuuuuu!!

YilingL said...

vkie: thanks babe! but hor its not photoshop la. i where got so geng~. the tools are given on the website itself. go and try it yourself! it's fun! if i win, dont say roti pisang, maggi goreng also no prob! haha. but can dream on la hah...

Chang said...

i'm driving a old vios...
tat makes me the best !

YilingL said...

chang: eh preeez... there're so many vios out there... tak terhingga :p

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