Thursday, October 18, 2007

filler post

herro! this is a filler post, random pictures of food... am too busy with studies at the moment. finals is about 2 weeks away! *shudders, sweats, panic!!*

dont worry, even when im not free to scout for yummy food, i will keep you guys' salivating through (quite) backdated photos of yummmmy food i took :)

keep the saliva drooling!

cheers mate!


Calvin said...

Hey! Those pictures were taken when we were in Melaka, Penang, My birthday lunch with you in Subang Parade and birthday lunch with the gang in Salmon Steak? Right?

MerCuRy said...

where you taken this pic? where is the restaurant/cafe?

Calvin said...

mercury, the photos were taken at various restaurants and place from different states. You referring to which picture?

If it's the one with Western Food, it's Peppercorn Cafe in Subang SS15.

YilingL said...

calvin: yeah, bingo. lucky you didnt forget :p but there's no salmon steak pics la. its peppercorn ;)

pics #1-4 different places in malacca
pics #5-7 nando's
pics #8-11 peppercorn cafe, ss15 subang jaya
pics #12-16 different places in penang


Calvin said...

Ooops... in my 2nd post I did say it was Peppercorn Cafe :-p

Anonymous said...

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