Wednesday, October 17, 2007 donuts & coffee donuts & coffee

as mentioned in my last donut-filled entry, donuts has finally arrived to our malaysian shore and its first outlet to invade the profitable donuts scene formerly dominated by dunkins
and later by big apple is at Pavillion KL.

there were quite alot of hoo-ha of late bout vs big apple. ive read alot reviews bout both donut joints but never got to taste cos ive not visited pavillion yet (dunno how to go and noone to take me there *pouts lips*) but! finally last monday my eldest sis went to pavillion and bought 2 dozens of donuts as appetizers/desserts for before/after dinner at semenyih.

i know, i know... bring on the pictures and let 'em do the talking , eh!


choco donut

berry shot

choco nut donut

white nut donut


tira miss you

copa banana

al capone

coco loco (sorry pic i took was blurry)

heaven berry (see what i mean by failed and blurry shot?)

anyway, i didnt get to try all the flavours. i did try the glazzy, white nut donut and coco loco. my verdict? i think big apple taste better.

i dont know if is the 'must consume within 30mins after purchase' kinda donuts or what but when i ate 'em (i think should be few hours after my sis bought 'em), they dont have that soft fluffy taste anymore... and the white nut donut tasted bad. the texture was nowhere soft and fluffy at all! the glazzy one was too glazzy IMHO compared to big apple's. the choc topping on coco loco was all hardened by the time i consumed it, so different from the images i see on other's reviews (chocolate oozing out, melting in your mouth bla bla bla).

overall, i like big apple better. but as always, this is just my humble opinion :)

the donuts are priced at rm2 for glazzy and rm2.30 for other flavors, half a dozen for rm11 (rm9.60 for glazzy) and a dozen for rm19.10 (rm16.20 for glazzy).

coming soon at sunway pyramid 2!

on a non related note, i am finally starting my first chinese class tomorrow together with my sisters, my neighbor and her sons and my sister's bf! the place is at subang. am really quite excited! (it has been quite awhile attending tuition classes at night...) donuts & coffee
lot 1.05 pavillion kl
168 jln bukit bintang
55100 kuala lumpur


[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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