Thursday, November 22, 2007

choon yien chicken rice

restoran choon yien

been wanting to go here ever since learning bout their special crispy roasted chicken. not just your average chicken rice where the roasted chicken skin is all soft and soggy. thus we decided to drop by choon yien for their chicken rice after redeeming tickets for royal london circus and movie under the stars at menara the star @seksyen 16.

after the food foundry visit, we've finally found our way around seksyen 17. well, i dont think it'll be any problems if you know the happy mansion apartments area cos all the good food just seems to be around there. we have 6-10 grill nasi lemak on our list next...

steamed chicken stock based rice with traces of garlic and ginger

char siew and crispy roasted chicken

crispy roasted chicken

i had the crispy roasted chicken rice while param had the char siew and chicken combo. frankly speaking, it did delight me that the chicken has really crispy skin, ive never had chicken rice with that kinda chicken before. the meat was really tender as well... but we both found it somewhat salty. but after awhile... i found myself breathing silently, "damn, this chicken rice is good!"

param commented that the char siew was quite fatty. must be a fat pig he's eating heheh.

prices are abit high at rm5 for each set compared to the usual rm3.50 you can get elsewhere. but then again, this is crispy roasted chicken we're talking about. you can get it nowhere else but here (for all i know lah).

oh, everything seems to sell off pretty fast too. so, dont come after the lunch crowd or you'll have only bones and chicken necks left!

p/s: the proprietor is the first english speaking chicken rice man i met throughout my life of eating chicken rice. can be funny when he calls customers 'brother'.

restoran choon yien
cg-1, happy mansion apartments,
jalan 17/13, seksyen 17,
46400 petaling jaya.
(located right behind food foundry block with not to be missed green signboard!)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Jen said...

6-10 grill is nice!!!!! hahaa the western food is pretty decent and they hv pork rendang if i'm not mistaken! woo hoooooooo.. wah very nice ah your foodie adventures =P

VicKie said...

benci siutt..
U wait. I'll cook McVkie nasi lemak soon.. and I'll post post and post at my blog. and u will b dying to try it !
*evil laugh*

YilingL said...

jen: wah seems like u eaten everything i blog about at seksyen 17. haha. so is the nasi lemak that nice as those floggers claimed??

vickie: wah when u want to cook ur McVkie nasi lemak?? lol...

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