Friday, November 23, 2007

socit ball homecoming 2007

sorry, folks. backdated entry again.

socit ball homecoming 2007 is the first and inaugural ball for both current socit students, alumni and staff to get-together. its also the first of any faculties in the college to organize an event like this, so three cheers to them!

despite being a business student in a computing school event, i didnt feel like an outcast. HAHA. anyway, got to know a few alumnus whom were all very friendly :)

reason for post being so late is cause i was patiently anticipating mr fuh-tog-ruf-fer/new friend found- ryan to upload the pics on his flickr. was too shy to bug him for the pics you see. anyway!

p/s: no food pictures this time! but you'll see me in almost all the pictures. HAHA.

the ticket

the ballroom setting

with cheerful chen fei

with mama of icsj aka principal, mrs ong and chen fei

with oc of the event, ms jane
love her complexion!

with talented mah gc

with ms jane, ryan, angela, and poh leen

with mr alex as jedi!

with mr poo as capt. jack sparrow!

HAHA. le roy as snow white! he won best dressed ;)

with the three beautiful ladies

lucky boy greg with additional wei ling on far right
mgs girls, remember her??

with ever so leng lui angela

with mr capable- phillip lim

lucky boy greg *winks*

accompaniment for ms ruby singing yesterday once more

solo act
love the color of this pic :)

thanks for inviting me to the event. i had fun meeting all these new and old people alike!

opening act video by ms jane singing a korean song (maria ost for 200 pounds beauty):

a video of saturday night fever & grease dance performance by socit staff:


mom left for dubai this evening to look for dad. ok this sounds abit wrong. i mean she went to dubai to stay with dad for bout 2 months... so we're kinda liberated here :) ask me out, kays? LOL.

well good thing is this gives me a golden opportunity to polish up my cooking. after all, i guess i'll be the one taking over mom's job of washing, mopping, sweeping, cooking and waiting for my sis to come home, to which i am sure they'll be calling back very oftenly and say, "im not coming back for dinner". anyway, being a housewife is really not easy! salute my mom, even till the last minute before getting ready to leave she mopped the floor and cooked our dinner and it was only 4pm! but i also helped lah okay...

okay so what should i eat today? hmmmm...


Chang said...

like wud ziling sed ....mum went to dubai....tat means FREEDOM !

YilingL said...

chang: the both of them freedom lah. i have to do housework!

The Sadist said...

Muahaha...does that mean we get to see more of your self created recipes??

YilingL said...

kahyee: yeah i hope to cook something soon lah. wei how come im not invited to view your blog one?? *sulks*

The Sadist said...

Haha...sensitive ppl got pissed by my blog issues, so keeping it private for the time being lor. Erm...gimme ur email add lar...i "invite" u...lolz

YilingL said...

kahyee: ur sis found out ur new blog again ah...? my email is
invite me k!!

The Sadist said... lar...the sister is not the big issue. The hypersensitive ppl is the issue! Invited u liao

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