Tuesday, November 6, 2007

milked high and dry

i am angry. very very very angry exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation full stop

now, most who knows me dont know that i have a lil teeny weeny tiny bit of interest in malaysian politics. yes you read it right. i really do, and thats because i really do care for what [the hell] is happening in the country, MY country~ malaysiaku, tanah airku tercinta.

most people my age or even older than i am are ignorant, very ignorant i shall say... but whats new in this 'tidak apa, mudah lupa-close one eye' land. im not saying i know everything going on around here but its more disheartening to know that MOST people have zero, zilch, nada idea of what really is going on in this country we proudly call home.

this piece of meat news really irks me:
malaysia may buy russian space rocket

i usually ignore the news featured in the msn website, cos i get my daily fix of malaysian politics from malaysia-today but that article really caught my attention. i am also beginning to NOT read political news in the newspapers cos 9 out of 10 are merely feel-good news. you know why they're "feel-good"?? because they're owned by the government themselves! you think the gov will allow these mainstream newspapers to criticize them??! i would highly recommend malaysia-today as it is a private blog with strictly no feel-good news, only news that reflect on political realities.

if youve been following closely about the hoo-ha over sending a malaysian to space for rm105 million, you'll know what [the hell] is going on. we're talking bout MILLIONS! that would be 6 freaking zeros. rm105,000,000!!! how many taxpayers' hard earned sweat and blood money would that be?
now you might say who am i in the position to be pissed when im not even a taxpayer, chill-lah not your money also, why bising sangat? i am not but members of my family are!! i am not now but i will be in the near future. and that gives me every right to be pissed. GRRRR.

but i digressed.

just when the many malaysians who disagreed with the space project have start to forget about the space issue, this piece of news came about. if sending a guy to space for 9 days would cost rm105,000,000 how much do you think buying the whole damn rocket will cost? maybe i can ask some people who are studying aeronautical engineering about it (ah chang or lynda?).

now, mr. jamaluddin, the minister was quoted as saying that he'll forward the proposal to the cabinet,
"jamaluddin said it was "a good idea" but the government would have to be sure the public supported the move"
hah! excuse me, since when did the government evarrrr listen to what the public (a.k.a. rakyat) wants?? majority rakyat said no to space program, but it went on anyway. rakyat wants a fair reform judiciary system, a royal commission, transparency, less corruption, a clean and transparent electoral system, clean public toilets, quality roads, increased security, lower toll charges, freedom of press, quality education, improved services in government departments, higher cola for pensioners, efficient public transportation system...

the list can go on and on.

the country is badly hit by corruption. its not the "mau-settle-insert-rm50-underneath-ic-to-police" kinda small fly corruption (although that also contributes to the whole corruption issue of the country). we're talking about BIG-TIME corruptions, that involve millions and billions of dollars. look at the mega billion PKFTZ bail-out, the zakaria palace (all 30 over charges against him being dropped??!), the vklingam video clip, rm27 million of assets by a police officer, the AP issue etc.

like the above list, this one can go on and on too.

the country needs a reform in many areas but most importantly are the people governing the country. the policymakers who argues over nonsensical stuff, calling each other names, foul-mouth, childish (you'll know what i mean if you watch the so-called elected MPs behaving worst than bratty kids in parliament on YouTube) in the respectable August house (Parliament) when they should be having constructive debates to bring our nation to a better state than it is 50 years ago.

i quote some commentators in malaysia-today, "we're not advancing, we're going back in time, back to 50 years ago."

50 years of independence, and what have we achieved?

(once upon a time) TALLEST building, BIGGEST mooncake, LONGEST nasi lemak, HIGHEST man in space, and electing the STUPIDEST and MOST CORRUPTEST (not forgetting the SLEEPIEST) people to rule the country.

[update: true you can say with the new "projects" made public by our beloved gov, we're advancing what... the Eastern Region Corridor, Iskandar Region Corridor down South, the Northern Region Corridor, the PGCC in Penang, these are all multi mega billion ringgit corridors! these projects will certainly boost employment and attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and then eliminate poverty and blahblahblah multiplier effect, everyone lives happily ever after!

BUT! do you realize... whatever happens to our Multimedia Super Corridor? our Cyberjaya? our Putrajaya now? to me and many rakyats out there, all these mega billion projects only amount to ONE thing- MORE CURRUPTION.

i once heard that a lamp post in putrajaya with the cost of rm600 per batang was inflated to rm6000 per batang! where has the additional rm5400 per batang gone to if not someone's pocket. and we're not talking about only one batang, they're thousands at putrajaya! no wonder they say, the rich gets RICH
€R and the poor gets POORAH! /ends update]

well done, malaysia memang boleh!

now sarcasm aside, with the 12th general elections looming soon, i really hope those who are eligible to vote, please do a favour for you and us the future generations, vote WISELY.

[p/s: i am proud that HRH Sultan Azlan Shah and HRH Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah has spoken about the judiciary issue, reflecting on the sentiments of the rakyats. proud to be born a perak-ian! daulat tuanku!]

[pp/s: i honestly think the conferment of datuk-dato-tansri titles system should be abolished. read here to understand why]

allow me to end this ranting post with extract footnotes from patrick teoh's niamah!!.

"I want you to get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad. You've got to say, "I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!" So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
(Howard Beale in NETWORK <1976>)

(V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)

[/ends rant]


just so you know, this blog isnt all bout food all the time. without economic and political stability and good leaders in the country, even the bestest most delicious food taste bland.

sekian untuk hari ini.


Calvin said...

Now that's something different to see on a food blog.

Well, most Malaysians have the attitude of "as long it doesn't effect me, i wont be bothered about it" This kind of mentality is hard to change. Only if the truth behind what the government is made clearly to the public, then there might be a change.

Well, you can't run away from corruption in any government or big organization. Greed is part of Man's nature. It's a matter of how one deals with it. Whether one can control it or not. Some of our politicians have the love of power and operates through greed and through personal ambition. Which is the major cause of all sort of problems in our country.

The only one thing I know is that, no one government is perfect or pure. The one thing we can do now is that when we're given the chance to vote, we choose the right people/party to represent us. Having said that, even though we choose these 'people' to represent us, sooner or later when that person gets too involved in the political mess, that person will change to the kind of people whom we are already complaining about.

We live in a not so perfect world after all.

YilingL said...

calvin: yes i know that just like no one in this world is perfect the same goes for a government. but we can never say because there will never be a perfect government, so why change after all! also, im angry because these leaders of our country which are supposed to give us better life, change things for the better and put the nation on par with other developed nations are doing anything but that. they're arrogant, corrupted, childish, power crazy, bunch of hypocrites, everything we ought to see in a caveman. that pisses me off!

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