Wednesday, November 7, 2007

gelato fruity

gelato is an italian ice cream, first made famous by lecka lecka i believe. this dessert needs no further introduction as i think most of us have had a taste of gelato before.

this is the first time i tried gelato fruity @1 utama, which was previously where lecka lecka was situated. im not too sure what happened to lecka lecka, either theres a change in management/take over/closed down etc.

gelato fruity

so let the pictures do the talking!

like lecka lecka, gelato fruity offers a variety of gelati, not just fruity flavours. normally id go for the after eight (choc mint) but i was feeling a lil' fruity, needed something refreshing, hence i opted for the orange+pineapple flavour from the fruity range. like lecka lecka, gelato fruity allows tasting first before you decide which flavour you want.

orange + pineapple

i guess one of the core reasons that people come back for more (especially females) is that gelato are highly fat free. 95% for daily variants and 99% for fruity variants. hoorah!! indulgences without sins :)

prices are standard at rm5.90 per scoop. the more scoops, the cheaper.
there are also fruit juices (rm5.90) which you can customize according to your liking. i remember i had the carrot juice the other time with calvin because i was desperately craving for it. the fruit juices are all purely extracted from the fruits itself, no added sugar water or anything like that which is very good *thumbs up!*

IMHO, rm5.90 for a scoop if ice cream seems like too much to pay for when you can get a mcd sundae cone at rm1.05 or a conetto drumstick at rm2.50. however, the scoop is really generous and its great to share! so its worth every penny ;-)

heres a summary of the prices for you readers!

juices (100% pure fruit juice) -rm5.90
mineral water- rm2.40

take away
500g- rm23.90
1 liter- rm43.90

ice cream
single scoop- rm5.90
with waffle cone- rm6.50
double scoop- rm8.90
tripple scoop- rm10.90

gelato fruity
lgk5, 1 utama shopping center (new wing)
(at the previous lecka lecka location)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin said...

I like lecka lecka, especially the passion fruit flavor one. Do they have it?

YilingL said...

calvin: im not too sure. but i believe most of the varieties are nearly the same lor, i heard its only a change in name from lecka lecka to gelato fruity.

Calvin said...

I wonder why... Lecka lecka concept felt so much more italian-ny! Cooler i think!

Chang said...

i see lotsa calorie

YilingL said...

calvin: the lecka lecka name was more catchy thats for sure!

chang: i thought low fat means low calory??

Michelle said...

After 8 and lychee! Hehehehe. My boyfriend loves gelato. More than I do actually. I love the gelato from Lygon Street, Melbourne. :) The real Italian kind. But yeah, Gelato fruity's good too!

Hey, my friends and I are looking for a good place to makan (but preferably not too pricy) after our finals. Any suggestions? I really like reading your flog and found it really useful, so yeah. We were looking at Jogoya/Saisaki, Food Foundry/Palate Pallete.

YilingL said...

michelle: hi michelle! then it will depend on your budget... ive not eaten jogoya myself, but for the price you pay, do expect ALOT of food. my sis went there twice and she said first time was an experience, 2nd time was abit of a bored.

Food Foundry is a great place if you want affordable food. been there myself and i think its great. The ULTIMATE PLC (Peng, Leng, Cheng- cheap, tasty, worth it)

Palate Pallete is a great place with nice ambience, totally different from FF. But comes with a heavy price tag as well :) sorry cant tell you if the food tastes great, havent been there. try reading reviews of others which im sure u have done that ;-)

thanks for reading!! i'll keep the food coming...

JF said...

Just found their official gelatofruity website here at Now I know where to get my yummy soursop ice cream.

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