Thursday, November 8, 2007

san francisco steakhouse

having heard good ravings from the sister about san francisco steakhouse being her fav place for good steak, i had no doubts about it when calvin brought me here for our 1st month ann. i know abit damn long already but good food reviews should have no expiry date!

sorry for poor quality pictures as i was using my cameraphone.

we visited the mid valley branch. if i remember correctly, we ordered a set dinner which comes with a soup, mains and a dessert, and another ala carte mains, honeydew juice, 1/2 dozen of escargots and a french onion soup. i cant remember how much they cost though but prices are pretty much the same range to those in victoria station or the ship, plus i think they've already changed the set combinations.

honeydew juice

brocolli cream soup

french onion soup

i opted for the set dinner which comes with the brocolli cream, oyster steak (there were few other choices of mains, but as usual oysters never fail to attract me!), and the forgettable cake. knowing that i like french onion soup, calvin ordered that for me and he took the brocolli cream instead. hehehe. however, it was a bad experience! the "cheese" layer on top of the soup as you can see in the picture is soooooo hard!! but the soup was okay, so we abandoned the cheese. was the brocolli soup ok? i cant remember, hahaha.

1/2 dozen garlic butter escargots

the escargots were yummy. is there any other way to cook escargots besides garlic and butter? escargots remind me of my accounting lecturer who despite saying he stayed in france for a period of time and can speak french BUT he said he just dont understand why french likes to eat things like goose liver (foie gras) and garden snails (escargots). i thought he would be able to accept their delicacies cos he's so proud to have lived in france. but guess not, he prefers his roti canai! anyway, hope to try foie gras soon, been hearing so much good things about it.

sorry, cant remember the name of this steak, but the grill marks sure looks attractive eh?

oyster steak
omgggg look at the BIG JUICY oyster innit

as for the mains... really large portions! my oyster steak was damn good, i had it medium well. it was thick and juicy and very tender... yumm yumm while the oyster hidden innit was BIG SUCCULENT and JUICY, yumm yumm. at first i was like searching for the oysters and then i realized it was hidden innit. hahaha. calvin said it was good too.

calvin's steak which i cant remember the name... wasnt that good as he claimed. it was too well, was it?? so folks, next time you see oyster steak in the menu, go for it! (i dunno if they have it in the menu as that time we went, oyster steak was only available for set dinner not ala carte)

some cake which name is forgettable

i was pretty damn stuffed, dont think i finished the sides. when the dessert came, it was a slice of cake with some cubed dragon fruit and halfed strawberry. presentation wise, okay but the cake tasted horrible. a hit-miss-forgettable dessert.

will i be coming back for more steaks? certainly!

p/s: san francisco steakhouse chains are owned by the tai thong group! just found out about it :)


foodnote (footnote, geddit? is this a pun?): my makan kakis and i will be embarking on a makan-makan day trip tomorrow around the klang valley. ive done my homework by reading food reviews of other floggers, finding out the locations and budget range, and will be forwarding the "schedule/proposal" to my honorary makan members. hope it will be a successful makan outing for us! more food reviews after tomorrow i promise!

happy deepavali to everyone near and far away from home!

san francisco steakhouse
available at damansara intan, mid valley, summit usj, suria klcc

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

The Steak with oysters is a definitely must try! Yeah, my steak somehow didn't have the oomph... But I still have hope with their other steaks. Be careful with their juice though, we had our changed cause got bug inside. :-p

The Sadist said...

Next time you go, order the meringue. It was good...:)

YilingL said...

kahyee (the sadist): is it... when u gonna belanja me eat?? hehehehe :p

The Sadist said...

Fuiyoh!! YOU should belanja me lar...since we haven't met for so long. Lolz.'re gonna grad before me...meaning you're gonna get paid before me. So be prepared to spend part of your first paycheck on me, k! :)

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