Thursday, November 15, 2007

of cupcakes and potluck

during the makan trip, the idea of having a potluck party popped up. and so it was decided that we WILL have a potluck party on wednesday at kenneth's place, everyone is to bring a dish and an empty stomach. i asked my sis and mom to help me bake their bestest most deliciousest cupcakes.

pretty pretty colorful decorations~!!

knowing how hopeless i am at baking and cooking, i was responsible for decorations!


there were 19 of us and these were the dishes of the night (which most claimed that they cooked it themselves). it was our first potluck party and probably the first to many more to come. we are even considering making this a monthly get-together-all-you-can-eat.

param's fettucine with chicken and eggplant toppings/sauce

fries contributed by kenneth
nuggets from chu xuan
hotdogs from i dunno who

(clockwise top left) fried noodles and rice from jia hui, jade, kuan kit (??) and rong jiang

the awesome nasi lemak by atikah

konyaku jellies contributed by kenneth

my pretty chocolate cupcakes

juicy watermelon by kenneth

"heavenly" potato egg salad by jill
hehe, inside joke ;-)

all-you-can-eat buffet

we were surprised that all the food tasted good (albeit some *coughcough* burnt nuggets *coughcough*) and that everyone did bring a dish/drinks/snacks. we ended the night with some games and a round of twister.

so when should we have our second potluck?

foodnote: will be going back to my beloved land of good food hometown, ipoh tomorrow!! i miss ipoh food...


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