Friday, November 16, 2007

food foundry

food foundry needs no introduction among food bloggers but it is a hidden gem still unbeknown to many who rarely venture into neighborhood areas like section 17, pj.

food foundry, your neighbourhood food provider
a little gem tucked in a corner somewhere...

in fact it wasnt my first visit to this place, thanks to mom's friend who brought us here somewhere this time last year. yes it took me a year to build up the curiosity and eagerness to finally find out where this little gem is hidden.

the famous mille crepe

food foundry offers an array of western cuisines but its unique selling points are their prices are affordable yet delicious in taste. oh, they also come in big portions too. just the right place to go for a good meal when you're hungry and not feeling too rich. somewhat similar to secret recipe as it offers both meals and is famous for its mille crepe cakes BUT definitely not the same as IMHO, the latter is too overrated and common. i think thats what keeps people coming back for more.

this time around, i only went with param as *coughcough* the rest ffk *coughcough*. when we reached, there was already a huge lunch crowd but we got seated pretty soon after.


food foundry offers an array of tapas, sandwiches, soups, from the wok, from the tray, pastas, sides, desserts and beverages (p/s: i saw they use illy coffee beans). and these are what the two of us ordered (extremely hungry like starved pigs).

sautéed button mushroom- rm6.90
button mushroom lightly cooked in butter sauce

chicken cordon bleu- rm14.90
boneless chicken breast rolled with ham and cheddar cheese, topped with creamy mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and salad as sides

seafood marinara- rm14.90
pasta in rich tomato sauce with mussels, prawns and clams

basket of potato wedges- rm5.00

strawberry and cream mille crepe- rm9.00

chocolate orange mille crepe- rm9.00

orange juice- rm7.00

ice lemon tea- rm3.00

table for two

vanilla mille crepe- rm8.00
packed a slice for ms koh to try, nice box eh?

tastewise, everything was good, just how they should taste like-lah. i took a bite of param's chicken cordon bleu and found it to be nice, although i thought it could be a little more tender. the mashed potatoes was nice! as for my seafood marinara, i was surprised that it came in such large servings for the kind of price it charges. anywhere outside would have easily cost at least rm20. there were two LARGE juicy and fresh mussels, prawns and clams (clams were alittle tiny though).

funny thing about food foundry is that its starters are served much after the mains... i've read some comments from some floggers about this as well.

but anyway, we enjoyed the sautéed button mushroom and nice when the sauce is dipped with the bread. somewhat like the itallianies bread dipped with olive oil vinegar. we also had a basket of potato wedges, served piping hot so we know its freshly fried. for rm5, it comes in many pieces. really worth the money.

drinks were alright too. my orange juice tasted authentic with orange sacs and all.

the ever famous mille crepe with 20 thin layers of French crepe layered smoothly with fresh custards. well, what can i say... its good! at rm8 a slice for vanilla and rm9 for other flavours, its not exactly cheap but i guess having it once in awhile to reward yourself is ok-lah. heh.

total bill- rm73.71

price-wise... two words sums it up: affordable and reasonable *thumbs up!*
the only pricey items are the cakes if you ask me.

location... not too difficult to find. if you wanna know how to go but cannot understand the map given (i cant too), drop me a comment and i'll give you the directions. oh yeah, it has AMPLE FREE parking :)

ambience... cosy little place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of pj.

service... excellent, very attentive waiters.

highly recommended and will certainly come back for more!!

taste- 4.4
ambience- 4.0
location- 3.95
service- 4.0
price- 4.0

food foundry
bg-8, happy mansion,
jalan 17/13,
46400 pj.

*now at bangsar!*
food foundry petit
ground floor,
no. 1, lorong kurau,
59100, bangsar.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

It's good to hear about good western food with cheap prices. I m pretty sick of it here. But if it's that good, i'd love to try this place when I come back. The sauted mushrooms looks good and the mussel on the pasta is tempting. Pasta is served daily here in the dining halls. *faints*. I've never tried the mille crepe or anything similar to that. From what you say, sounds like it's pretty heavenly. Hehe

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks so deliciouly heaven!

YilingL said...

calvin: pasta is ur fav!! now ur sick of it eh...

big boys oven: oh harro! i love your cakes. linked you up, if you dont mind...

Jen said...

woo hoo! food foundry rox!! hahaa its kinda a hidden secret since its kinda hard to find, but i go there like at least once a fortnight. love the ambience and the desserts!! the chocolate cake/tart is superb! n the mushrooms r a must! i always hv the caesar salad too!

the lasagna and duck is good. and the carbonara. and err.. yea la basically i love the place. haha lets go together=gether one day! XD

YilingL said...

jen: ooooh. finally someone who knows this place!!! yeah everything looks good there la... hungry now edi. yeah one day we go makan k!! u rajin-rajin cari duit first k. lol.

Michelle said...

My gang went there and they loved it so much, my korean friend brought her mum there the very next day. Haha. And it's relatively cheap! They don't even charge for service tax!

Yuppers, the mille crepe sure is yummy, especially the strawberries and cream one. Hehe. And oh, do try the pan seared duck the next time. That was really good.

YilingL said...

michelle: food foundry sure is getting famous. ahaha, even the koreans love it now eh.

actually service tax is imposed if the outlet's earnings is above a certain limit... and they dont put the money into pocket. its paid to the customs or smtg like that. yeps, i know all along we thought service tax goes into their profits eh? i took taxation last sem, so i just learnt bout it too ;-)

if they get anymore famous and earn more money, then we'll have to start paying service tax!

ok will try the pan seared duck next time... sounds yumm. heheh.

Anonymous said...
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