Friday, February 1, 2008

ben & nick's diner

ben & nick's diner

tucked in a small little corner at the ground floor of a just completed service apartment in subang jaya is ben & nick's diner. i read of its existence from thestar metro about a week back. thus, when my classmates and i decided to have a little "reunion" lunch and i was put to task to find a place to eat, i suggested to try this place... knowing i need some new entries for my blog now ;-)

the interior is very very small... by the thought of it, smaller than my bedroom! hahah im serious!! the inside sits about 14 with a small kitchen and a small cashier/drinks corner. rest be assured though, there're a few tables outside as well.

lemon juice- rm2.90

ice lemon tea- rm3.50

latte cafe- rm6.90

the lemon juice comes in a reasonable price and is recommended for a refreshing start. i wanted to start off with the mushroom soup (rm6.90) and end with the apple crumble (rm6.90) as recommended by thestar review but both items were not available :(

cajun pasta- rm17.80
choice of pasta with spicy cajun sauce cooked with chicken strips and button mushrooms

lamb shank- rm27.90
braised then carefully baked for juicy and tender experience of enjoying a lamb meal with house gravy on a bed of mash potato. served with chef's veggies

chicken blanket- rm16.90
specially house marinated grilled cajun chicken with salsa and crispy romaine lettuce, cheddar and mozzarella chesse wrapped with grilled tortillas and served with a generous amount of ceaser salad

combo- rm18.90
combination of australian chilled sirloin and especially house marinade grilled cajun chicken smoked with beef bacon, onions, cheddar, mozzarella cheese wrapped with grilled tortillas and fresh white button mushroom. served witha generous amount of ceasar salad

i quite like my combo selection. the sirloin strips was really good though the description on the menu was a tad misleading. it didnt mention the meat being wrapped in tortillas and i thought they got the orders wrong. the owner thanked me for pointing out the mistake. anyway, as for the lamb shank, although it is a recommended item and requires advance booking (they serve limited servings per day), my friends who had it commented that the dish tasted bland and they didnt enjoy it. as for the pasta, it was not too bad but please note that its serve in a spicy sauce ;-)

overall, b&n diner has a very cozy setting albeit being very small. food portions are generous but may be slightly overpriced (imho) given that it resides at a space no bigger than my bedroom, i dunno... maybe the rental is expensive (??). another good point is there's no taxes charged and the service is commendable.

the downside however is its location is not too strategic at the moment, given that its situated in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the ongoing construction of the subang-kelana flyover and another service apartment beside it (read: noise and dust pollution). parking isn't a breeze as well with the ongoing constructions.

ben & nick's diner
lot g10, e-tiara service apartment,
persiaran kemajuan,
47500 subang jaya.
(beside carrefour subang)
tel: 016-2010189

open for lunch monday-fridays from noon to 2.30pm
open for dinner monday-saturdays from 6-10pm

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Kah Yee said...

Your bedroom is too big! :P

YilingL said...

kahyee: hhehe actually thats cos my sisters and i are sleeping in the master bedroom. hahaha. but that place is really small one.

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