Monday, February 4, 2008

why i like to be a chinese...

all ready to welcome the new year, i think its quite nice

... because chinese new year is inarguably the BESTESTEST festival evarrrrr!!!!1111

but of course, im only speaking for myself. i also <3 christmas, hari raya, deepavali because of the public holidays galore and the mega sales associated with these festivals. and then there are the guilty sinful yet scrumptious spread of food... ahhh life is good.

for those deprived of this festive mood (yes, you people studying abroad) these chinese new year goodies are for your eyes to feast!

the unmistakable red cap bottles of goodies

i cant wait to open the cellotape seals on each of the bottles!! eh chinese new year faster come-lah!!

my mom's organic goodies (less oil, less fat, less sugar, no eggs)
erm that's not MY definition of goodies!!

this is MY definition of goodies! so oily, so fatty and so delicious...

chinese new year is 3 days away. im excited and happy, are you????


a BIG birthday shoutout:

to Eiling, my eldest sis (2nd feb)- which also coincides with the cny 1st day. she always get extra ang pow, not fair.
to ah Chang (31st jan)- happy adulthood!!
to Kah Yee (4th feb)- happy quarter century old woman!!
to Kah Ling (4th feb)- happy joining the TWO-O club babe!!

Happy Birthday and Happy CNY to all!! here's wishing all of you healthy (despite the sinful goodies), wealthy, and a great year ahead.


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Why do you have to do this to me?????

I am so sad... :-(

KahLing said...

thx girl! u remembered! =)
i feel like crying looking at all those CNY cookies!!!! and lol, Kah my sister's name too! hehe

EilinG said...

thank you thank you
who told you life is always fair?

Kah Yee said...

Hey, thanks for remembering. Wow! You REALLY have a big stash of goodies awaiting you.

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