Sunday, February 10, 2008

nihon kai @ jln klang lama

nihon kai is a relatively new japanese place, opened just a year plus. this restaurant is the brainchild of the nakamura family whose daughter is the classmate of my cousin brother. my sister, upon recommendation from my cousin, went here twice and said the food is commendable and prices are reasonably cheap.

so off we went for some japanese indulgence, all 13 of us. famed for its cheap bento sets ranging between rm20 to rm25, we all went for the bento sets for dinner.

obligatory and custom green tea was served immediately. i like the cups cos it has an ergonomical touch to it.

sashimi & sushi party boat set- rm55

mixed seafood bento- rm23

nihon kai salmon special bento set- rm20

sukiyaki (chicken) bento set- rm21

mixed sashimi bento set

fried seafood bento set

cod fish head- rm45

i couldn't take pictures of every single bento set as i was too far away and also my relatives are not used to my "snap before eating" rule :(

the food was two thumbs up. i really like the rice, soft fluffy and chubby grains. hehe. also, the chawan mushi was very smooth and had a nice (i think) salty egg yolk taste, and it comes really hot, so even after you eat it last you'll still have it warm. my sukiyaki chicken (wanted to take beef but dad was staring at me -_-) was awesome! the soup was sooooo sweet and comes with chicken bits, soft chinese cabbage, glass noodles, mushrooms and tofu). i slurped every single drop of it.

another worthy order was the sushi & sashimi boat set. do note that nihon kai is not particularly famous for its sushi range, hence the sushies are alil' pricey. however the boat set we ordered came floating with 5 types of nigirisushi, 1 temaki, salmon & tuna sashimi, and cucumber & pickle maki.

my uncle had the famous cod fish head which was really huge!! also it took rather a long time to arrive, so be sure to be patient as the wait is worth it!! for such a huge head at rm45, everyone said it was "nowhere you can find out there!" the flesh was smooth and fresh. superb!!

the dinner overall was a very filling one. i was filled to the brim and couldn't move!! according to my cousin, if you want a seat on weekends be sure to call and book first or else you'll be joining others in the line to dine here. this place has received several reviews from the media including nanyang and thestar. service is okay and the ambience is very cozy for a family/friends gathering. pricewise, it was about rm340 for 13 of us, you do the math. parking is also available within walking distance.

nihon kai japanese restaurant
4-2, jalan telok gadong,
off jalan klang lama,
batu 3 1/2, 58100 kuala lumpur.
tel: 03-49823668
(from mid valley/pj, go up the flyover to jln klang lama. just before shell station, turn left to a small alley. nihon kai is the last shop at the corner)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


KY said...

looks like pretty good value!

YilingL said...

ky: yeah its good food at affordable price!

sean said...

hey thanks for the review! the price quite cheap/reasonable huh, compared to others.. plus, the codhead is so huge. :P

btw, thanks for puttin up the makan icon!

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