Friday, March 7, 2008

this week in pictures

the good, the bad and the ugly of the week...

1. the good

we won c-raze III!!! it was really a fun crazified adrenaline rushing race! and that's may & choy wan closing the ceremony. would love to blog about the whole event but i dont have pictures, so not that fun to read lah.

rong jiang turned 5 this year! leap year baby woohoo~ we celebrated his bday last year at between 11.59pm-12.01am. haha! and thats a dozen of jco donuts with a bday message written on top by the guys at secret recipe. btw, rong jiang is actually 20 this year.

i got a call from public bank yesterday informing me to attend the 2nd interview for a finance position in its HQ all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy in KL. u know lah, i'm sucha noob when it comes to KL. i seriously dont know my way and at that moment i didnt know whether to agree or reject as *sighs* banking is really not my1st choice. but in the end i agreed to attend. i took LRT there.

for the 1st time in my entire life, i felt so great walking down the pathway to the menara. ive never felt so independent and 'corporate-like'. hehe, sucha funny feeling to be going in and out of LRT with other 'corporate-like' people.

anyway, the interview was okay... think they will offer me the job but im still waiting for interview call from BAT. why BAT dunwan call me...... :(

public bank's employee benefits and entry salary is quite tempting though :-/

2. the bad

mom got into an accident this morning. she was 3/4 parking her car when this other car banged into her and her car went up the ramp and crashed into the wantan mee stall and the stall fell and landed on another car. the car who got 'hempap-ed' suffered a minor dent and scratches... so innocent.

3. the ugly


can't wait to see the outcome tomorrow night. time for change, Malaysia! Vote for our future, not someone else's corrupted pocket. Vote wisely, Malaysians.


Lydia said...

gosh, i hope your mom's okay!!

YilingL said...

suetmei: thanks for the concern, my mom is ok. abit shocked at first but still have the energy to scold and nag us. hehe :-p

Splendiferous said...

Omg you gonna work d..I'm not even done with first year! Lol. Anyway good luck with all the application thingy. Way to go corporate-like Lim haha.

YilingL said...

dahines: haha finding job not as fun as it seems. most jobs always require experience. prejudice terhadap fresh grads like us :( hehe, then theres the interviews which can be pretty daunting! and then theres the daydreamings of getting very high pay, very near home, and very little work. kakakaka...

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