Saturday, April 19, 2008

rakuzen japanese restaurant


mother-of-all-final exams finished today at 7pm. and so what better way to celebrate the joyous occassion than to pig it out at a relatively reknown japanese restaurant, which on normal days is just way too 'atas' for a lunch/dinner and would burn a big hole in the pocket too?

"rakuzen it is", said the sister.

and rakuzen it was.

being my first time, i was very jakun tailing behind my sister who proudly proclaimed it was her fourth visit. pfffttt... fine.

pretty little things

we were seated at the top floor as we had earlier placed a booking. what amuses us most is that rakuzen subang has probably the most minimum signage amongst all other japanese restaurants in the same row of shops (tomoe, ryu men tei, hyotan etc.) but has the best word-of-mouth recommendation by many. if not for my sister who told me "that is rakuzen" i would not have stare at the shop everytime driving past it and then pestering my sisters to bring me there.

well, finally :D

complimentary potato salad

spider roll- rm18
fried soft shell crab roll topped with flying fish roll

sushiya no sakusaku sappari salada- rm28
sashimi salad with rakuzen dressing

rokkaku bento- rm55

bento set consisting of...

the obligatory miso soup of course :)

(ala carte is at rm10)

cold udon

hotate (scallops)


nimono (mushroom, chicken, carrots)


chirashizushi (sashimi slices with rice underneath)

yakimono (grilled fish)

tempura (prawns, brinjal, pumpkin)

fruits (watermelon and honeydew)

it was just the two of us and out of excitement and hunger we kinda over-ordered. hehe :p by the end of the meal, both of were simply too stuffed and had difficulties getting out from the seats.

imho, the food's pretty good albeit kinda pricey... some items in the bento set is really unnecessary (for e.g. nimono, salada, cold udon). might as well cut on the items and the price as well... but it was on the sister's tab so it's all good :)

thankiu berry much! on the 1st of may i belanja you mcdonalds sundae ok!

... and so that is how i popped my rakuzen cherry!

rakuzen japanese restaurant

13, jalan ss15/5a,
47500 subang jaya.
tel: 03-58804717
(opposite sjmc hospital and a few shops from tomoe japanese restaurant)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Michelle said...

I was staying at the "motel" a few shops away, and we were sort of sandwiched between tomoe and rakuzen. We decided on rakuzen anyway, cos I think it's cheaper. The food's pretty yummy too!! Mmmm...sudden craving for grilled king prawns. :P

YilingL said...

michelle: which michelle is this ah?? oh u must be staying at the "motel" on top of tomoe one is it?? i heard tomoe quite expensive and so-so only. rakuzen still ranks pretty high... so good choice ;-)

Simon Seow said...

so, you're sister is into clubbing and you're into food reviewing? cool.

YilingL said...

simon seow: yeah but ocassionally we do enjoy doing a food review together but never a clubbing review cos i dun really like it... at least have not learn to enjoy it yet.

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