Sunday, April 13, 2008

slap-a-politician day #2

(read episode 1 here)

i just have to get this out my heart before going to the exam hall tomorrow.

there was ONE man (besides my father) i used to look up to.

in our sejarah textbooks he was regarded and placed high up the sky (even mountain was too low to describe his superiority) that NOONE in the Malaysia boleh! history could match up his 'Wawasan 2020' and kewibaan membawa Malaysia ke era kemodenan and all the sejarah shit they conveniently shoved down our throats hoping 13-17 year old budak sekolah naively absorbs all these shit which would need to be vomitted out to get 35 A1s or something.

happily this budak sekolah got an A1 for sejarah in spm and believed whatever the sejarah textbook said were all truths. nevermind that 9 out of 10 chapters were about tamadun islam and whatnot...

after all these 20 years of my life reading itu bintang, watching tv tiga and listening to rtm radio, i have never felt so cheated in my life. cheated right from the day i was born.

cheated through books that were supposed to educate me.
cheated through television programs that were supposed to enlighten me.
cheated through radio that was supposed to entertain me.
cheated through newspapers that claims to be the people's paper.
worst of all, all these years of schooling ruined me into believing our leaders are holier-than-thou and DAP+PAS+PKR are all oppositions who just can't stop biting the government's pants.

i admired a man whom behind that mask portraying everything good about him is the most fraudulent, sly, corrupted to the core, dictator, cakap tak serupa bikin, gajah di depan tak nampak kuman di seberang jelas kelihatan, the cause for malaysia's judicial rot, bloody bas-ketiga.

because of all these screw-ups and mess you've singlehandedly created, we should have been a very prosperous country. my dad wouldn't have to be toiling blood and sweat 365 days in a foreign land, deprived of his family around him and my sisters and i wouldn't have to live all these 20+ years without a dad at home with us.

i dont want to slap you, i just hope for karma to work his way to you.

i hope you naive budak sekolahs out there read THIS: (22 fiascos in 22 years of power) before idolizing him.

too many beladee bas-ketigas in our country.


no prize for guessing what my speech this may 21st will sound like ;-)

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