Saturday, May 17, 2008

agefuku japanese restaurant

agefuku japanese restaurant

being fans of the japanese delicacy, food and cuisine, calvin and i decided to give this place a try after a 30mins drive around taipan asking each other,

"what do you feel like eating?"
"anything you want to eat."

/passes by steamboat
"nah, don't feel like having steamboat."

/passes by korean bbq
"korean bbq?"
"nah, that day only had korean remember?"

/passes by nasi kandar
"nasi kandar?"
"nah, don't feel like having curry-curry food."

/passes by some bbq chicken shop
"bbq chicken?"
"dun wan fried fried food."

/pulls hair, curses under breath, stomach growling
"let's just try this japanese place lah."
*mutters @$#&*

japanese green tea & appetizer

at the ground floor is a fast food concept while the top floor is dedicated to proper japanese dining. it was a weekday, the restaurant was rather empty except a couple of tables at the fast food level. we were the only diners at the top level.

agedashi tofu- rm10.00
deep fried corn-floured beancurd served with tempura sauce and juliennes of seaweed

my superfav side dish and a must! agedashi tofu! the texture of the tofu did not disappoint- smooth, piping hot and absolutely yum!

saba shioyaki- rm20.00
grilled mackeral with salt

sanma shioyaki- rm20.00
grilled pike mackerel with salt

we both had the set meal and we both had mackerel. i notice that most of the mains in the sets are fish and are mackerels. for the price and the items included in the set (fruits, chawanmushi, miso soup, salad, rice), it was not too bad. food tasted pretty okay too. you can have a choice of doing the fish in shioyaki (salt) or the teriyaki sauce, we both chose salt.

besides set meals, there are also other items you will find in a japanese restuarant- sushi, tempura, rolls, noodles, sashimi, etc etc. i find the prices for these items on a slightly pricey side, again, as comparison, i believe sushi zanmai is still a better affordable yet quality japanese dining choice.

service is excellent btw :-)


long weekend! me loves!

agefuku japanese restaurant
59, jalan usj 10/1,
taipan triangle,
47620 uep subang jaya.
tel: 03-56364330

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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MochaSourcream said...

We went to Agefuku for their Sunday Buffet Lunch... quite nice... selection is quite good for the RM 40++... try it...

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