Monday, May 19, 2008

all that rave

do you smell freedom?

very super extremely lazy to elaborate details. please read a verbatim account of the 02 FREEDOM FESTIVAL '08 rave from JEN.

# on that fateful night (9/05), my first rave cherry was pop'ed.
# work finished at 4.45pm and i raced home to join 10 other ravers to PD that same night.
# tiesto & ferry corsten's music was awesome but too damn alot of people can die and not be found.
# the lasers were awesome!
# PD became the most happening place and the most dirtiest rubbish dump that same night.
# slept at 4am on a comfy bed (but dodgy bathroom :-/) and became a zombie the next day.
# dropped by malacca to pig it out.
# hated sunday cos the next day was monday.

partying on a dumpsite

ok sekian saja liputan (report?) rave kali ini.

back to work tomorrow :-(


nuraainaa said...

congratulations miss lim yiling. :)

now people know u donated a door. hehe.

Jen said...

congrats yiling!! JOO IS TEH BOMB!! JOO ROXXORZZZ!!!111! XD

YilingL said...

nuraainaa: thankies! i might have donated more than a door. maybe they should name the MPH after me. LOL :-p

jen: thanks jen. Bomb is teh joo too :)

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