Sunday, August 10, 2008

cheap delicious treats at ikea cafe

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swedish beef meatballs (10 pieces)- rm12.90

sometimes you don't need a reason to go to ikea. that pretty much explains why the place is PACKED with people on weekends! well like most of these 'people', we were there on the weekend with a mission- to get calvin's mom a birthday gift... but we ended up leaving ikea empty handed but a stomach-full of swedish goodies.

calvin had 'cravings' for ikea meatballs and meatballs it was for him. call me a jakun but while i was waiting for him to come back with the food, the previous table had left behind plates with traces of brown sauce which first thing that came into my mind was "peanut butter!"

later, when calvin pushed the food trolley to me only did i realize it was the meatball sauce. but it sure did look like peanut butter! the meatballs were yummy nonetheless and having fries dipped with the brown sauce completed the meal.

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chicken with swedish lemon sauce-rm9.99

i opted for the chicken with swedish lemon sauce (sorry all names are my own, i can't fully recall the actual names). at less than rm10, it was good stuff! the chicken has a slightly roasted skin which i love! the meat was very tender and easy to chew. paired up with the lemon sauce (with herbs, which i am thinking maybe rosemary?/chives?/mixed herbs?) was excellent. the accompanying whole potatos and carrots are very generous and gives a healthy balance to the meal.

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salmon with mustard- rm10.99

we both have a penchant for all things salmon- cooked, raw, smoked, sushi, sashimi etc. at just one cent less of rm11, there was a very generous 2 slice of raw salmon drizzled lightly with some oil (i think), a slice of lemon to add flavour and tinge to our favourite golden catch, a small cup of mustard and some raw greens. well... it was litterally heaven in our mouths. the salmon was fresh and soft, melting at the moment it was put to your tongue. i'm not a fan of mustard but i find the pairing perfectly compatible!

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chicken wings (2 pcs)- rm3 or so

having read about ikea's menu offering chicken wings, i gave calvin specific instructions when he asked what i wanted, "CHICKEN. WINGS." being a darling as he has always been, it was one instruction that he couldn't refuse... and so he came back with 2 pcs of chicken wings! calvin commented that the wings taste very chinese'y/malay'ish rather than western-style wings, but whatever it is, it was le YUM.

i definitely licked my fingers clean ;-)

we then proceeded to the exit cafe (where they sell hotdogs, ice creams, currypuffs and other swedish biscuits and frozen food) in search and hope of getting frozen meatballs (the thought of heating meatballs up for lunch at the office excites me!) but we were told that they stopped selling them. what a pity, that just gives us more reasons to be back to ikea.

if you're looking for a good day out window shopping with a good meal without having to burn a hole in the pocket, ikea is the place to be.

ikea malaysia
no. 2, jalan pju 7/2,
mutiara damansara,
47800 petaling jaya.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Jen said...

argghhh it looks so good!! i've only eaten at ikea once. just the meatballs. which were heavenly, but not enough =(

jason said...

I never really tried the meatballs yet but my friends were raving about it!

YilingL said...

jen: it was really good... dun worry girl, that was my FIRST time having ikea meals as well :-p

jason: you should try it!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Their meatballs sure are yummylicious. Of all the times when I go to Ikea, this time when I want to buy the frozen meatballs, they had stop selling it. All I bought from them was the meatball sauce mix. Trying to think of something which I can cook using the mix. pasta maybe?

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