Friday, August 8, 2008

PISANG is here to save the day...!!

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extracted from the star

while malaysian citizens are crying loud over the hike in fuel prices, food, transportation, our circus-like political scene, murderers getting scot-free, haze, the weather, the roads, interest rate, cows, pigs, rats, dogs, cats... etc our noble and charitable friends from PISANG (OMG what a name!) is raising funds to save mathematical genius- Sufiah Yusof.

"the fund, launched four months ago, has yet to meet its target..."
haiyoh means people also thinking wtf is with this fund and dunwan contribute loh.

"not enough money for flight tickets, let alone other expenses..."
hah! raise enough money so that you and your noble PISANG members can get a free ride home?

"Sufiah's treatment to counselling and treatment had opened an opportunity to guide her to the right path of life..."
hah? our teenage girls at home you don't counsel? pegi counsel orang lain dekat negara lain pulak!

... and the best bit?

oh, now i know where they derived the name from.......

happy 08-08-08 and wonderful happy weekend peeps!

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