Saturday, August 30, 2008

ong kee chicken tauge @ ipoh

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onn kee (tauge ayam)

they say, "if you have not eaten chicken rice balls, then you have not been to malacca!"

well, the same goes for ipoh. if you have not eaten the famous kuew teow chicken tauge, then it's almost as good as you have not been to ipoh!

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jalan yau tet sin, ipoh

located along jalan yau tet sin, ong kee is a rival to the more famous lou wong. if you are a local or know any locals, they will probably tell you that ong kee is a better choice as lou wong is too commercialized and often very crowded. so, being once a local and listening to another local, we opted for ong kee instead of lou wong.

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translucent hor fun

the best noodles to go with chicken and tauge would of course be the famous ipoh hor fun, which is translucent and smooth. this pairing is match made in heaven, the thought of slurping down smooth hor fun and then picking up a piece of smooth steamed chicken with soy sauce is already enough to make me mouth water!

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steamed chicken with soy sauce and sesame oil

to be honest, there was nothing spectacular about the chicken. it was nice nonetheless, just how the chicken should be.

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big fat juicy tauge

another ipoh famous must-eat is none other than the big fat juicy tauge (beansprouts). many say that it is because of the water used to plant these beansprouts that contribute to the bigness fatness and juicyness. ipoh is surrounded by scores of hills and mountains (with natural water source), so such claims is not without its truth. whenever we make our family trips back to ipoh, we will without fail bring back a big bagful of beansprouts home (very cheap too).

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awesome meatballs

this my first time having the meatballs and i must say it is not too bad, although my fav meatballs would still be the ones from wan hou steamboat- big and juicy, yum!

chicken tauge hor fun is a must have when you are in the small little ipoh town of good food. i wonder when will be my next time having this again...

till then, happy independence day and a long weekend!

ong kee tauge ayam
jalan yau tet sin,
30300 ipoh.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


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