Monday, September 1, 2008

kedai kopi kong heng @ ipoh

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malaysians' favourite- satay! (chicken, pork, pig intestines, pig blood)

when in ipoh, ask any locals to suggest kopitiams with good food and nostalgic ambience, a few names come into mind: nam heong and sun yun loong for the white coffee, thean chun (also known as house of mirrors) for the char kuew teow, and kong heng for the satay, popiah and caramel custard.

shameful to say, i have never tasted kong heng's satay for the past 14 years i was born and bred in ipoh! it was only when i moved to kl and started reading these food blogs that i discovered such gems within the quaint little town of ipoh. well, as they say... better late than never!

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barbequed and chewy

initially we were recommended by khian to have the famous caramel custard but unfortunately we were abit too late as they have sold out. not knowing what to order, i saw a plate of satay on everybody's table and decided to follow the crowd. if everyone's having it, it sure must be good eh? we were thrusted with a plate of satay consisting of chicken meat, pork, pig intestines, and pig blood. i was quite confused, not knowing how the system works but later on found out that they will thrust you with a plate of assorted satays, you eat what you want and you can reorder the type of meat you like, just leave the ones you dont want and they will calculate based on how many sticks you ate.

oh just a word of caution: the leftover uneaten satays will be 'reheated' again and served to the next customers. i'm thinking that the pig blood satays must have been recycled alot since generally alot people don't take satay to that extreme!

while the chicken and pork tastes quite normal (until i can't really make out whether its chicken or pork that i am eating), the pig intestines won our hearts as it was our first having such exotic satays and chewy, just what intestines should taste like! moreover, it's bbq'ed! ok think i sound like a carnivorous -___-

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chee cheong fun in soy sauce and sesame oil

just thought i'd try the chee cheong fun out but was quite disappointed as it wasn't what i had expected. the petaling street chee cheong fun is still among the best! my definition of chee cheong fun would either be the hk style with prawns and char siew fillings or just plain ccf in sesame oil and soy sauce- YUM!

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egg tea ('dan cha')

last but not least, we had the 'dan cha' instead of white coffee as we both have never tried this before. i saw the next table ordering this and decided to follow suit. 'dan cha' is a type of herbal drink with a hard boiled egg. we found it a very interesting combination, something herbalish to wash down the sinful teatime.

kedai kopi kong heng
75, jalan bukit timah,
business hours: 7am-4.30pm

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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