Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CTNF: Roast Lamb

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Silence of the lamb

We got the lamb from Cold Storage and it came tied up like that. Using a serial killer's knife, stab many many holes in the lamb, you'll come to see why we need to be cruel even to a dead cut-up slab of lamb.

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After done poking the lamb (making sure it is dead HAHA), stuff garlic, rosemary, chopped anchovy fillets and sprinkle black pepper generously. Drizzle olive oil and put the beautifully decorated lamb into oven.

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A tray of flavours

On a separate tray, bake cherry tomatoes, parsnips and confit of garlic till cooked/fragrant/flavourful etctc. Combine lamb and this tray of flavours together and bake till cook! (Sorry don't know the timing)

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Roast lamb and wrinkly tomatoes!

The outcome is a wonderful dish of roast lamb. Who would have known that such a fancy dish like this is actually so easy peasy? Now I know!

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Slicing of the lamb

Last but not least, after all the picture taking etcetc, the lamb is put on the chopping board to be sliced! It was so good especially eaten when it is still warm. If I remember correctly, we had a brown sauce to go with the lamb but I can't remember what it is...

Another cheap thrills, no frills brought to you by Live to Eat or Eat to Live!

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Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Hey, I thought CTNF entries only feature food that you prepare yourself...

But the lamb looks really good...

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