Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cooking a storm!

Early this month, I was 'cajoled and conned' to attend a lunch which turned out to be a cookout session at Emily's bungalow in the neighbourhood. Emily is our insurance agent/mother's friend's daughter. When we arrived at her house, we were surprised that there were few other of her friends there cooking! (and we thought we could just eat, pat backside and leave hahah)

We felt abit out of place standing around doing nothing but before shame overcame us, we were roped in to help out in the cooking and soon after, we were both tasked with a recipe each! The following mouth watering dishes are what we cooked on that afternoon-night. I will post the recipes and some other pictures of the process in the following posts...

Enjoy now :D

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Roast lamb by Emily

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Hot diva pasta by Yours Truly :D

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Nam Yu fried chicken by Emily

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Russian dish of chicken and potatoes by Emily's Russian friend

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Russian style soup by Russian friend

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Non-alcoholic mojito by SC

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Apple cinammon ricotta cheese bread by Lisa

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Almond and apple cake by Agnes

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Chocolate orange polenta cake by Eiling

It was such a wholesome and satisfying meal, eating what we have cooked ourselves. Mind you, all of us are amateur chefs and this is the first time we're trying out the recipes. Although the cost of this meal isn't exactly 'cheap thrills' but it certainly gave us the thrill that money can't buy. And we're planning to have a cookout session once a month! Pity the maid though, haha.


*Read Eiling's story here and here.


renaye said...

wow. the food looks yum. how many of u there??? did u guys finish all?!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

"Hot diva pasta by Yours Truly :D"

Stirring up a pasta dish... Definitely Calvin material. :-p

YilingL said...

there were about 8 of us. we couldn't finish everything but we took it home. it was like a thanksgiving xmas dinner, only it wasn't dec 25th!

yeah gotten the pasta bug from u :p

-eiling- said...

haha the orange chocolate polenta cake was my first time making such a complicated cake. I prefer just eat and pat backside lo.

YilingL said...

eat and pat backside later next time ppl dun want invite us already la.

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