Monday, October 20, 2008

Lemongrass Cafe @ Kota Kemuning

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Bright neon lights of Lemongrass Cafe

It is once again one of those weekend nights when we don't want to drive 20km out of the neighbourhood just for a simple meal. Even though with the fuel price reduction, I still don't feel the 'extras' I am actually saving as the tank doesn't get filled up all the time. However I do notice the 'extra' fuel I am getting, RM50 gets me 16 litres of petrol when it was RM2.55, now it gets me about 21 litres odd. Whatever 'extras' I am getting is all wasted at accelerating and breaking whhile stuck in the strawberry traffic jam, especially during this rainy season. Le tour de le sigh.

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Chicken chop with mushroom sauce- RM8.80

Lemongrass Cafe is a relatively new cafe opened in the quiet little township of Kota Kemuning. The name should not be confused/misunderstood for a Thai cuisine place though. It is surprising that quite a few eateries have opened up in the past few months such as Domino's Pizza, Pizza Vs Satay, Secret Recipe and a few other still surviving stand-alone cafes such as Padi Prada, Cravings and Treats. Even the Bidor famous Pun Chun duck noodle is here!

The decoration at Lemongrass Cafe is pretty impressive considering the simplicity of its menu- oriental and fusion cuisines at reasonable/affordable pricing. I suppose it is trying to draw revenue from the working lunch crowd on weekdays. Eiling had the chicken chop with mushroom sauce (RM8.80). The chicken was breaded and fried to golden brown, served with fries and coleslaw sides. At such a price, the chicken was indeed a steal! It is not the best in town but I suppose it deserves a mention in the 'affordable/reasonable' category.

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Special Butterworth Curry Mee- RM6.80

I had the special butterworth curry mee (RM6.80). Never was/am I a curry noodles fan but I decided to give this a try. The bowl of noodles came superfast, almost as instant as McDonalds. It came in a very pale and light orange color broth with generous servings of long beans, fu pok and prawns. After adding in the sambal, the color changed accordingly (as pictured above). The curry/sambal taste was not overpowering, a rather mild bowl of curry noodles I would say. Definitely not for those who enjoys a strong spicy kick in their bowl of curry noodles.

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Papaya with milk- RM3.80, Sour plum with lemon- RM3.50

Lemongrass Cafe's beverages menu is worth a mention as it is very affordable, averaging from RM1+ to RM3+, making drinks obligatory with the meal. Although the papaya milk (RM3.80) is quite diluted, it still offered me a sense of satisfaction as papaya milk is very rare and together with carrot milk, the both orange-colored juices are my favourites!

As I am writing this entry, I am listening to the beautiful sounds of X'mas on Chinese musical instruments. How fusion is that! Oh how I long for the year end festive holidays! It's 10.15pm, I suppose this gives me the license to dream.........

Lemongrass Cafe & Restaurant
No.41, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Curry noodles... I wish I could have a bowl now, let it be the worst in Malaysia. :-p (maybe not) But that reminds me of Maggi Curry! I didn't bring any back during summer... Craving for it now...

Christmas Songs in the month of October? hehe... Well, I like Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails 1 and Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails 2 , they're really soothing to the ears. Everyone, give those albums a listen. You may just like it...

-eiling- said...

Yalah...the drink diluted. That's why it's cheap. Lol

jacthong said...

limmy...i hate visiting ur blog!!!! make me crave food like mad...hope u r keeping up well!=) lots n lots of love, jac

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