Friday, November 14, 2008

Highland Park @ 7atenine, The Ascott KL

"I have duly sampled [a bottle of Highland Park 20 year old] and am in the process of conversion to the idea that Highland Park is the only whisky worth drinking and that Johnnie Wlker is only fit for selling to deluded Sassenachs." Alexander Walker, 1914, grandson of the original Johnnie Walker and, at the time of the quote, the largest blender of Scotch whisky in the world.

Last week after a hard day's work back in the hotel in KK, my boss received an email on an invitation to Highland Park event at 7atenine, The Ascott KL. She asked me if I would wanna come along (actually she just said, "We RSVP first lah yea.") but who is silly enough to say "No" to a booze event!

Anyway, I had totally forgotten about it and confused with the dates until my boss came into office yesterday afternoon and casually said,

"So tonight you come to my house and we go together ok? Don't wanna stay long... you ok with it?"

"Okay, sure." (*grins silently at the thought of Highland Park whisky)


After work, I followed my boss to her house and her driver drove us to The Ascott KL. It was so freaking jam, it took us more than an hour to get there. My boss even joked about having a bowl of noodles first and still can catch up with the car later! It was our first time to 7atenine and my first to such work-related night events, so you can tell I'm wee bit excited :D

Upon registration, we were given a welcome pack of $1000 gambling chips each and of course we grabbed a drink first before doing anything else! (p/s: My boss and I are known in the office as zhau gwai- alcoholics). We walked around abit desperately looking for food but later found our supplier and was ushered to their little corner... only after that we found food. There were fried meehoon served in chinese takeaway little boxes (makes fried meehoon suddenly taste so good), roast beef in little spoons, shrimp siew mai, pastries, and of course free flow of Highland Park 12 Years! :DDDDDD

Highland Park 12 YO- RM140 @KLIA

It was my first Highland Park as well. We had it on the rocks as opposed to some others who mixed it with orange juice. According to my boss, a whisky enthusiast said good whisky must be enjoyed neat, mixers are for cheap whiskies. So there you go.

Though it was just 12 Years which is the lowest price, it was very good and smooth. I suppose it's because Highland Park is Single Malt whisky and not like Hennessy/Chivas/Johnnie Walker which are blended whiskies. No wonder my boss and Eiling always rave about Single Malt whisky as it really taste very different- definitely for those with an acquired taste.

The bar

We chatted abit at the lounge area and after a few glasses, my supplier ajaked us to go upstairs. Now if you were wondering what the gambling chips given at the registration counter were for, it was for gambling of course! With $1000 capital, everyone can try their luck at getting a bottle home- $12,000 wins a bottle of 12 Years, $18,000 and $30,000 each wins a bottle of 18 Years and the exclusive 30 Years. My boss handed me her $1000 capital and hinted that she would be very happy with a bottle of 18 Years.

Highland Park 18 YO- RM 258 @KLIA
Awarded "Best Spirit in the World!" 2005

So with $2000 capital, it was like a make or break for my year-end bonus.
Just kidding of course, my boss is very nice one ;-)

There were 4 game tables- Bacarate, Black Jack, Big/Small, Roulette. I tried my hands on the Black Jack table and managed to win about $1000 until I lost it all on the Big/Small table. Clearly I have no luck on the gaming table :-( and there goes my year-end bonus too.......

Highland Park 30 YO- RM900+ @ KLIA

Hehe anyway, another guy on the table won the 30 Years and my boss was beaming with happiness. He was generous enough to open the bottle and share with the whole table, and we finished the whole bottle in about 20 mins. The taste is absolutely heavenly- smooth and easy to drink, with a smoky note, much much better than GlenOrd! My boss even got to keep the wood case and bottle. Believe me, she was beaming, grinning, smiling, laughing the whole night after getting a taste of 30 YO. Even I can't help to silently grin!

Chillout @ 7atenine

After a couple more drinks, my boss decided that we should make a move as she has a flight to catch the next day (today) at 5am! We were given a goodie bag each (love goodie bags!) which has a Highland Park namecard case (very pretty, ask me to show to you if you meet me) and an information booklet. We were both still sober but she drank till got hiccups! My head was feeling alittle heavy but I still managed to get myself home. Well today, I didn't wanna go to work....... and I woke up craving for watermelon juice!

My company's dutyfree liquor shop in Langkawi

But from now on, Highland Park and Single Malt whisky it is for me! I know what I should buy on my next trip to Langkawi!

"Quality in whisky is more than age. Even the poorest spirit can become old, though never palatable. Whiskies put down for ageing must have quality from the very start." Wine & Spirit Trade Record 1924


Jen said...

darn. i shall probably never learn to appreciate alcohol properly. or maybe i need lessons. haha any takers? =P

YilingL said...

i need lessons too :D this is perhaps one of the classes i won't mind taking ;)

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