Sunday, November 16, 2008

Streetside food @ Petaling Street

The pan mee and lobak stalls

Petaling Street is known for the imitation goods, foreign workers, and crime rate. Erasing all these negative views of this in/famous street, it is also well known for its street food with the famous Hon Kee porridge, chee cheong fun, air mata kucing, Sei Ngan Chye roast duck, etcetera.

I was there one of the many Fridays ago with my sister and her assistant and we tried this pan mee and fried lobak stall located just infront of a bookstore and right at the junction of Petaling Street.

Soup pan mee

Dry pan mee

My sister and I had the soup pan mee while Wei Mei had the dry version. Truth to be told, it was nothing spectacular, in fact it's as ordinary and plain as any fishball kuey teow soup. So the lmelight is not on the pan mee but rather...

Sinful fried lobak

... the FRIED LOBAK! We had a few types- oyster roll, prawn roll, pork roll and fried beancurd skin (fu pei). They were all fried to crisp and golden brown perfection- mamma mia! It was very sinful but who says delicious food are healthy? The plate of lobak was such a comfort amidst the scorching heat of the Friday afternoon, I know it is a bit ironical- the hot weather and fried oily food. But believe me, it was good!

The heat? Just walk down the fake goods street and get a cuppa ice cold air mata kucing to cool down :D



kahling said...

my favourite pan mee!!!!!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I don't think I've ever tried that! Must bring me Yiling. So pro edi... Can find street food.

YilingL said...


I'm sure you have passed by this place before.

Yi May said...

The pan mee is good. The lobak is pricey man!

YilingL said...

yi may,
I found the pan mee so-so. The lobak is good, but yeah pricey :(

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