Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D'Fashion Cafe Value Set Lunch

Greetings from Perth! The weather is really hot (think: Malaysia with the heat but without the sweat). Anyway, it has been great so far... I'll blog about it with pictures when I get home.

I'll blog about this place behind my office which serves quite value for money set lunch. It thrives on a boutique-cafe concept, inspired by the likes of Zang Toi and Seed Cafe according to the owner and his gf. The front section of the shop is occupied by the boutique and the inner section is where the cafe is. The cafe sits about 20 pax, so it's small, nice and cozy.

Iced Ribena

Iced Mango

For every set lunch which is only available from 12-3pm, there is a drink, soup of the day, main course and dessert. All these for only RM9.90. Before you jump to the conclusion that the food they serve must be tasteless and substandard quality etc, this place serves yummy food at affordable price. Such a rarity these days...

Which is why I'm naming this Recession Food, awesome food at even awesomer price that anyone can afford in this 'economy cyclone' (learnt this from the Australian news, the term used to refer to the economic downturn/crisis in a nicer manner) times.

Nachos with Salsa Sauce- RM3.90

Soup of the Day

Starting off with a soup of the day...

Yu Shiang Eggplant Rice

Nasi Lemak

Proceeding with a main course of your choice... there's quite a number of variety, from Nasi Lemak (recommended) to Teriyaki Beef/Chicken Rice (recommended) to Chinese sounding dishes like Yu Shiang Eggplant Rice to more western fares like pastas.

And ending with either a scoop of ice cream, comes in few flavours such as Yam (I love yam!), Chocolate and Vanilla or their home made Rose Jelly (tried before but I prefer the ice cream).

And all these for only RM9.90! Guaranteed to fill you up and make you feel sleepy back at work!

It was my final meal at D'Fashion Cafe as my colleagues treated me for my farewell lunch. Already said recession mah....

Read here or here for more details.

D'Fashion Cafe
3-G, Jalan Ara 7/3a,
Bandar Sri Damansara, KL.
Business hours: 11am-9pm daily
Tel: 03-62753577

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Wah... In Perth but blog about Malaysia...


Place sure looks good...

kampungboycitygal said...

whoa cant wait for ur perth pictures! attending interviews there ar? haha

Jason said...

Holiday? :)

The ambiance looks good with hanging, sheer cloths.

KY said...

for a moment i thought u were eating nasi lemak at perth!

YilingL said...

Ok now back in Msia, so gonna blog about Perth!

Nolah! For vacation only! Come Monday, I'll start my new job, it's in PJ though!

Correcto! Yeps, the place has quite a cozy ambience for lunch.

You must have just read the first line and then see the pictures after that!

nuraainaa said...

ur new job..still got the chance to travel not?


YilingL said...

I hope so! Well kinda hoping for a chance to be relocated elsewhere like Jill or the opportunity to get transferred to another country. Hehe.

Dr Wan Chee Hung said...

Hi, my name is Chee Hung. I am staying in Bandar Sri Damansara, SD7/4G, where is this restaurant? I am unaware of such restaurant existing in my own area?
Chee Hung

YilingL said...

Dr Wan Chee Hung,
Hi, you live at SD 7/4G? It's quite near then. Do you know Nasi Kandar Sedap just opposite the primary school? It's same row as Nasi Kandar Sedap, a few shops away :)

Anonymous said...

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