Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Night Out @ Shalome... Lifestyle Restaurant & Bar

Last Friday, I got a text from HB asking if I want to tag along for a dinner-get together hosted by a place in Taman Tun Dr Ismail called Shalome. Since there was nothing up in my agenda for the night, I agreed. Being not a direction and map savvy person that I am, I googled up the place and found the website.

Shalome is a Lifestyle Restaurant & Bar tucked in the hip neighborhood of TTDI. Upon reaching, I was greeted by Nicholas, and then got introduced to Jane, the PR of Shalome slash organizer of the night. HB came out from the washroom later, KY, Rachel and Yat arrived soon after and that's about the people I do actually know.

If you must know, it was my first time attending a Nuffnang gathering. You can almost tell I was a litttttle bit nervous about it but I shall quote HB, "Alcohol is the social lubricant".

Jane, being a hospitable host that she was treated us to a wholesome dinner. There were so much food that I jokingly asked her if we have eaten everything on the menu! Shalome offers a variety of food and drinks- from tapas to poultry to pastas to pizzas and from plain water to Macallan to Heinekken to cocktails and every possible alcohol drink you can think of. It's a lifestyle restaurant and bar after all!

I shall not comment much on the food as there were pretty good for bar-kinda food. We killed many prawns and fish and lamb and duck and chicken and mushrooms and potatoes and... you get my point ;)

While there were plenty to eat and drink from, entertainment is aplenty too. According to Jane, there is a live band performing every night and boy can these people sing very well! The singers belted some of the classics like Total Eclipse of the Heart (by Bonnie Tyler and reprised by Westlife) and some other oldies is goldies songs which was famous before my time (in other words, I cannot remember).

The only letdown perhaps is the too-loud music. Hey don't get me wrong, the music is good, but it's just too loud. It's almost as loud as clubs that you have to scream to get the messages across... until I had to resort to the cavemen way of communicating- sign languages and writing on notepads! Well that's my personal opinion of the place, though I know most people actually love the loud music.

Well to most people, the Equation of Having A Good Time is:

Loud Music + Alcohol + Good Food + Good Company = GOOD TIME

I certainly had a great time, free flow of Macallan and Glenfiddich 12 Yrs, and having the Elegancia as well. I also tried the Jameson, and Irish whisky which was on Frontier magazine's coverpage (can't remember which issue though). It has a really spicy note!!! Not my cup of tea whisky.

On that night, we also made friends with 2 of the bar's regulars and played the Game of Death. But lucky for us, Jane and I who had the ultimate punishment, we were made to down a jug of water instead of a jug of Macallan!

Never had so much water at one go in my life.

HB totally KO'ed after that, and the rest of us went mamak and called it a night.

Thanks Nuffnang, Jane and HB for the Saturday night out!

Read HB's story here. There's not much story though as he was KO'ed and now need somebody to F5 his memory. Lol.


On other news, I have thrown in my letter of resignation a month ago and yesterday was my last day in the office. Surely there's a few things I'll miss but I'm happy to be heading in a better direction now. I can't possibly say I'll be happier at my new place but after 8 months, I think I have quite enough of the old one and that I'd better be doing something that will help me build my career versus what I like to be doing.

Life's complicated that way but guess what! I'll be heading to Perth tonight, 11pm flight! So, have fun at your work while I have some Aussie sunshine and kangaroo satay for a week... Till then!


Huai Bin said...

Have fun in Perth, Yiling! :)

Yeah, that was a night to remember. Ironic that I didn't remember anything. Heh!

Congrats on your new job! :)

Mass murderer. :p

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Food looks good!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Wonder if the name Shalome is supposed to be Hebrew. In hebrew, Shalom means Hello and Goodbye.

cindy khor said...

take care during your journey and have a pleasant trip there... hopefully you could get more out of the old job... bring more pics for us, please...

cindy khor said...

take care during your journey and have a pleasant trip there... hopefully you could get more out of the old job... bring more pics for us, please...

-eiling- said...

yucks MACALLAN 12?!!!

YilingL said...

Thanks! No I'ma reluctant murderer :p

Yeps taste good too! Oh u did your research on Shalome eh ;p

Cindy Khor,
Thanks dear. Yeps will snap as many pics as possible!

Org takde 12 Yrs and above la... beggers can't be choosers.

Yatz said...

why la everyone kept get my URL spelled wrongly?

anyway..great night out! we shall do more

-eiling- said...

oui where's your perth posts?!

Cath J said...

What??? 1 jug of Water???? I bet you must be bloated after

YilingL said...

Oh, is it? Sorry my bad. Will correct it!

I'll only blog bout it when I'm back.

Cath J,
Yeah I had to pee so many times!

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