Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Soya Shop @ Ikano Power Center

Last Saturday, I was supposed to play chaperon slash shopping slash makan buddy to Khian. The day's agenda was to SHOP, SHOP, EAT and SHOP! I was supposed to be the angel who whispers softly to Khian's ears everytime she wants to buy something on impulse, but guess who spent the most in the end??


Our first stop was at FOS as it's always a must-go ground to hunt for cheap buys and cute t-shirts. However this time around, I had a bad experience with the outlet store and I'm boycotting it for 2 months! Gerammmm. We then proceeded to other shops and dropped by at Ikea Cafe for lunch. I love Ikea cafe! Meatballs, mmmm. Smoked salmon, mmmmm. Fried chicken wings, mmmmmmm.

After lunch and a little bit more of walking, we headed to Ikano where Khian was beginning to show signs of falling asleep. Perhaps it was due to me buying more stuff than her and it's always no fun watching other people buy. Heh. She suggested for teatime and we ended up at The Soya Shop.

Longan Tau Foo Fah- RM2.90

Red Bean Tong Yuen Tau Foo Fah- RM3.90

Khian had the Longan Tau Foo Fah with ginger syrup while I had the Red Bean Tong Yuen TFF with ginger syrup as well. There were 4 tong yuens given. The Longan TFF was served chilled while my Tong Yuen TFF was served slightly warm.

Both the TFF fared so-so. Perhaps coming from the Land of Funny Mountain TFF, we had our expectations abit too high and have probably accustomed our taste to the standards of Funny Mountain. The soya milk was too diluted and there was little taste of ginger. Though I despise ginger in all forms, I love my TFF and tong sui with powerpacked ginger taste. The tong yuen was ok though.

Gimme my roadside TFF and soya bean anytime!

The Soya Shop
Lower Ground Floor,
Ikano Power Center.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


vialentino said...

i been to this soya shop before...their soya bean very nice to drink ler....

back to ur comment in my post, the pizza is nice ler....lots of ingredients on top of it

Khian said...

chaperone huh..
angel huh..
and i thought i was bad..
*rolled eyes*

Huai Bin said...

Ooh...nice. Specializing in all things soya. Unfortunately, I don't like the stuff.

Hey Yiling, you know what I just found. There's a Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee branch in Aman Suria! I passed by it. Seems to be a branch of sorts.

YilingL said...

Funny that there are a couple of people who said the shop is good but I begged to differ.

Hehe, I know I'm worst right!

Yeps and Sun Yuan Loong got one outlet in Sunway Mas! These famous coffee shops are branching out. If you can't go to Ipoh, Ipoh will come to you

-eiling- said...

i want funny mountain!

YilingL said...

Funny Mountain mmg ke-shiokkkk-kan yang tak terhingga!

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