Monday, March 16, 2009

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Brewery is listed in the Lonely Planet website as one of the attractions in Perth. Earlier on before making my way to Perth, I had sent a list of places that I would like to visit (according to Lonely Planet and various travel sites) to my gracious hosts and Little Creatures Brewery was one of them.

Little Creatures Brewery is located at Fremantle and it was the day's agenda that we visit Fremantle and drop by at the brewery for lunch. Coincidentally, the kangaroo satay that Fang has been raving about since I met her during CNY was at Little Creatures!

The brewery is quite a popular place for locals here as when we were there, there was already quite a full house and we were given a number (which was written on the green rubber dinosaur). Once it's your turn, they will write your number on a small black board and hold it up high and ring the bell. It is important to stay alert!

The brewery is rather big, so there are a few sections to it. The restaurant area where people can walk in to drink and dine, the bar area, where you can just hang around sipping your freshly brewed beer, the brewery itself with all the big metal tongs and pipes, and the souvenir area where you can pick up a carton of beer, some teeshirts and souvenirs.

Little Creatures also offer free bicycle hire with their signature red bikes. Ride through the lush greens with blue skies and cooling breeze from the sea AND a beer in hand gives u the PERFECT Australian experience!

We were seated soon after. The waitress handed us a menu which proudly claims that they reuse and recycle :) Not a bad looking menu though, simple and straight to the point though I would prefer my menus to be descriptive and with visuals!

As usual, always let the hosts do the ordering! When in Australia, eat as the Australians do! Ok, in this case, just eat whatever people say is good!

Marinated Kangaroo w Bush Tomato Chutney- $19

The much anticipated, raved and craved kangaroo meat!!!!!! Looks pretty damn yumm to me already!

So how does kangaroo meat taste like? Well it looks and taste pretty much like beef, slightly chewier but still soft and tender. The meat was done in medium rare which is how it should be done as I predict any more well done it would be like chewing on your japanese rubber slippers. FYI though, the kangaroo is not a protected animal in Australia as there are just too many, wild and running free. That's why we kill 'em and eat it.

Mushroom, Mozarella, Olive Pizza- $17

This was my first pizza in Perth. Also my first to the many pizzas I have eaten throughout my week-long trip. The pizza is wonderful, fresh from the oven. Crust was thin so you're actually eating real pizza rather than just dough like *ahem* Pizza *ahem* Hut. The mushroom toppings taste pretty good, oven roasted to perfection and it's not a pizza without the cheezzzze!

Lemon Lime Bitter

Lemon Lime Bitter is like the default drink for people who has to drive but still wants to go out drinking in Australia. It has very little traces of alcohol (vodka I think) and tastes pretty refreshing. In Australia, they take drink driving very seriously. So I think this may be a very good training ground for aspiring GOOD drivers (they put signals for every single freaking turning even if everyone knows that way is a turning way- quite annoying sometimes but hey it's good driving habits!).

Meet your friendly chefs at work!

Although we did not have the chance to tour the Brewery, we did bought 2 cartons of beer back home to sample. The brewery produces a range of beers to suit your palate, from Pale Ale to Pilsner to Rogers and Bright. Don't ask me what the differences are because I don't drink beer! IMHO, it's even harder to drink than hard liquor or whisky which some people say smells and taste like cockroaches for that matter!

A cutie for you!


My first day at this new job was pretty boring. But let me tell you the awesome cafeteria! It looks like a real cafe slash restaurant! There's the usual economy rice, mee goreng, kuey teow etc (but with nice setting!), western fares and sandwiches. The HR also informed us that on Fridays, sometimes they will get outside restaurants like Tony Roma's, Nando's and Manhattan Fish Market to cater in. Does that sound awesome or what! No, no not the bestest part yet.

Lunch is paid for :DDDDDD

Every employee gets an ID tag which is pre-credited with an amount every month to buy food from the cafeteria. Then there's also the provided nasi lemak breakfast and little teatime munches at the pantry. Oh and a Nescafe dispenser, woot! The toilets are very nice, sleek and clean too. So is the whole office...

Though parking's quite a bitch at the moment. And me having nothing to do on the first week, WITHOUT internet omg. So I can't reply to comments :(

Ok nvm think of the awesome lunches.

Little Creatures Brewery
40 Mews Rd,
Fremantle 6160,
Perth, Australia.
Tel: +(0061) 9430 5555
Business hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-24:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-24:00


Huai Bin said...

Brewery, nice!

Kangaroo meat, nicer!

You should get someone with a gun to shoot a kangaroo in the wild and cut off its tail and cook it on a fire. Seriously, they used to eat that.

cindy khor said...

i've tasted kangaroo burger, but i doubt its the real meat... (to me, it tasted almost like beef)...

but hor, i'm terribly sorry for those joeys...they are cute leh...

Cath J said...

great photo!!! Can't wait to fly there too.. ;-) said...

Very nice and clear pictures, what camera do you use?

Oliver K. said...

Kangaroo meat?
Evil! Pure Evil! *runs and hide like a sissy girl*

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Photos look amazing!

I would wanna try some kangaroo meet too.

Lydia said...

free lunches yiling! tell me where you are working haha!

Anonymous said...

heys..lemon lime bitter doesn't have alcohol..that's y yi hua drinks it when she has 2 drive..
but u can order VODKA lemon lime bitter if u want the extra kick..

kampungboycitygal said...

nice pic! what a good experience..ehehe and hope that ur new job finds u well

Michelle Lee said...

Little Creatures! :D I don't usually drink beer too, but I quite like their pale ale :D

The kangaroo satay looks really good! Your pictures and posts look so good, I feel like flying off to Perth one of my uni breaks! Haha. (And I was craving for Cold Rock so much from your previous post, I purposely took a bus after uni to get some ice-cream. But knowing me, I got lost and couldn't find the shop. Heh)

YilingL said...

Yerr... tail. As ironic as it may sound, I can eat pig and cow offals but tails, ears, nose, tongue freaks me out totally! Just don't tell me it is a tail or don't present it in a tail shape, then I shall be alright.

Cindy Khor,
But kangaroo meat does taste like beef, no? Hehe we've been eating too much chickens, time to focus on some other animals now!

Cath J,
Thanks! Airasia to Perth only RM90 now.,
Thanks. I use Sony Alpha 300.

You're not any holier than me! Don't tell me you don't each chicken or fish...

Thanks! I'm sure you'll like kangaroo meat cos you like beef right?

Suet Mei,
Yeah no need to bring money for lunch! I work in BAT (think Dunhill) :)

Ooops sorry my bad, got my facts wrong! Thanks for correcting :)

Thanks! Well everyone keeps telling me, "wait till the real work comes in..." so I don't know whether I should be grateful for having nothing to do or feel useless and sleepy at work :/

Michelle Lee,
Haha my pictures tempting you eh? Go to Perth for your uni break la, can go find Fang mah...

Oliver K. said...

I do, but kangarooo?!
so kesian lar, can you just let them hop around freely and happily? please yiling?

KY said...

you ate giant mouse!!!

Michelle Lee said...

Yeah, really tempting! Haha! I don't even have enough money to pay my own rent. :( If only money grew on trees. Then Fang will be super happy since she had a tree for her Valentine. Haha. Parents making noise already. Gotta wait till I start casual work mid-April and save a lot to be able to fly to Perth.

Keep up with the awesome posts! :)

nuraainaa said...

kangaroo? uiks. i'd like to try those.


glad to hear that u like ur job. wuhuu!

YilingL said...

Chickens also cute what.

I'd rather eat giant mouse than little mouse. Yucks!

It's ok... you're halfway through paying off your rent through your new job. Hehe, yeah Fang loves her tree. Nvm just tell her, "I'M COMING! ALL EXPENSES PAID!!" kakakaka... ok dun tell her I said that!

Kangaroo meat halal kan??? My new job ok la, but the cafeteria and free meals are most awesome!

kennhyn said...

Little Creature is a nice fruity beer... I believe the drink u drank is mix with beer rather then vodka... I would like to visit there one day, as I do like beer.... haha

YilingL said...

I don't think it's mixed with beer. Doesn't taste like beer to me. Anyway, beer is not my cup of booze. Hehe. You should make a trip to Little Creatures Brewery then since you love beer!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is so cool!

YilingL said...

Big Boys Oven,
Go Perth and visit it! It's an experience.

cocoadeluxe said...

Lemon Lime Bitter !! I really missed this drink. I used to drink this on dinner when worked in PNG... oh LLB..

cocoadeluxe said...

Lemon Lime Bitter !! I really missed this drink. I used to drink this on dinner when worked in PNG... oh LLB..

YilingL said...

I miss this too! Never really heard of this in Malaysia though :(

marlowe said...

Great post I hope to win this trip to Perth & Fremantle contest so I can visit little creatures also...

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