Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lek Seafood @ Silom, Bangkok

With all our money invested into shopping, shopping and more shopping, we could not afford to splurge lavishly for our dinner so we went for Thai dai chow instead. Ziling had done some researches on where to have dinner and recommended Lek Seafood as a few people have blogged about it.

Thai paku pakis in sambal belacan

Tom Yum Goong

Fried pork ribs

Thai style Oh Jien

Grilled sotong

Stir fried brocollies with prawns

Stir fried pork slices

Happiness comes in 1 litre bottle Coke

While the food is not fantastic, our local Malaysian dai chow fares much much better, I think it's reasonable food at reasonable prices since our whole bill came to only about 1010 Bahts, which is about RM17 per pax. Not forgetting that we had a wonderful drink that is NOT alcoholic and that is none other than the old skool Coke in 1 litre bottle size, loads of ice and it was such a comfort to the heat! This was the only time I had so much Coke since my new year's resolutions.

Lek Seafood is located just below Chong Nonsi station (Silom BTS Line) and you should be able to spot it easily, just a few doors away from a 7-11 store and with a bright red recognizable Coca Cola signboard.

Read their stories too-

Lek Seafood
156 Soi Phipat,
Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road,
Silom, Bangkok.
Tel: (02) 6366460, 6366054


Ai Mei said...

The food is soooooo irresistable! Oh man, I'm missing mommy's cooking and malaysia dai chow :(

Anonymous said...

The tom tam looks loaded with flavor...

The grilled squid looks nicely grilled, but it also looks like its bland?

Paku pakis! I must get my dose of it when I get home.

Yatz said...

the fried pork ribs looks cun~~ slurrpss

KY said...

waaaa i miss BKK food!

p.calais said...

wat's ure new years resolution???hmm....

YilingL said...

Ai Mei,
HAHAHAHA. Sorry to make u drool!

Actually food was so-so only. The grilled squid was quite bland.

Hehehe makes u drool eh...

Go BKK again!

To avoid soft drinks :p

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