Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pratunam (Food)

After much shopping, we decided to cross over from Pratunam Market to across the street where we entered into another mall (oh ze wonderful air cond!) and another mall, sorry I have forgotten the name of the mall but Big C Supermarket was the anchor tenant. It was also in Big C that I encountered the "No Alcohol Before 5pm" Rule which IMHO is the most ridiculous rule because that was why I couldn't get my Smirnoff Double Black. Grrrrrr!!!

Grilled beef balls with spicy sauce

Assorted preserved food/pickles/jeruk

Thailand's Ceasar Salad

Fried assorted noodles

Fried Thai fishcakes and sausages

Fried assorted sausages galore

Erm sausages again, long ones ;)

I like Thai fishcakes!

Cooling drinks for a hot sunny day

The thing about streetfood in Bangkok is that the Thais love sausages and anything and everything fried. You can almost spot stalls selling fried food everywhere. The funny thing however is the weather there is atrociously scorching burning sweating hot! But they still like to eat hot and heaty fried food. Hmmm, it's like going to Iceland and having ice cream/ice blended drinks as streetfood.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember going to a Thai food fair in Ipoh with you. Which mall was it? They sell food topped up like the ones in your photos. But they didn't have all those meaty snacks!

Did you come across stalls that had mango with glutinous rice?

Cindy Khor said... are making me drooling like nobody's business... i am definitely going there...

-eiling- said...

the fried noodles is only RM1!! so cheap la! Our lunch there cost less than RM5 i think.

YilingL said...

Yeah think I saw mango glutinous rice but hmmm why didn't I buy it??? Maybe wanted to try something else.

HAHA now's not a good time to travel...

Oooh really can save a lot of lunch money!

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