Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is a flea/wholesale market similar to that of Chatuchak but without the hype and popularity of the latter. It is situated in Pratunam and somewhat nearby to the Platinum Mall area. We had initially wanted to go to Baiyoke Mall but the taxi driver dropped us here instead.

Pratunam Market stretches from one end of the shops to another end (as pictured above in green canopies by the road) and stalls were set up at the corridor of the shops. Another section of the market would be inside a building which is rather big and felt like a maze.

Pratunam Market is actually not too nice to walk if it's on a really really hot day as you can feel the heat trapped within the building and before you can find anything nice to buy, you'll be screaming to get out and look for the nearest air cond area.

Luckily there is an air conditioned haven that comes in the form of Indra Square, just a 5 minutes walk away from Pratunam Market. Trust me, you wouldn't want to get out of the air conditioned premises after having a taste of what the heat is like in Bangkok.

Back to Pratunam Market, I would recommend only walking the outside part which is the stores next to the roads, to walk inside the building is quite a waste of time as I find the goods there not appealing at all (ie. alot of shops selling clothes for old people/very ugly clothings).

Some interesting sightings would be these obscene t-shirts selling just infront of an eatery shop!

And how did we cool down on a particularly hot day?

A mini coconut juice!!! These are at 20 Bahts each, and yes it's the same coconuts you find in Jogoya or Tenji! The coconuts are also chilled so you can imagine how heavenly it was........

In fact this would be perfect on a hot day in Malaysia like now....... Ahhhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Haha... How many coconuts did we each have at Tenji? They're really good!

Agnes Cheong said...

Wow~ Bangkok...The condition stable there? Anyways, U took airasia? How much for tht?

YilingL said...

Yes they're really good, very soothing and refreshing :)

Agnes Cheong,
We were lucky that we missed the whole protest/riot saga as we went there a week earlier! Yeah we took AirAsia, booked about half a year ago, it was on zero airfare promotion. All in all, we paid RM173 for return tickets.

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