Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites sounds like a really atasan/foreign name for a food outlet, but before you jump into conclusion thinking this is another one of those expensive eateries that I am going to review, you are so wrong!

I first read about Pommes Frites through The Star's daily food column in the Metro section (I read that religiously, apart from the daily comic strips of course). It then slipped off my mind until I had to make a trip to Sunway Pyramid a week ago to meet up with Yi Fang and Khian. Pommes Frites popped up in my mind again and I took them to try out the food with me.

Belgian Fries with Chocolate Dipping- RM4.50

It has a pretty small space in the Asian Avenue section, you'll probably missed it if you've not been there before. We had the Belgian Fries with Chocolate Dipping to share. We find the fries with chocolate combination an amazing discovery as it tastes something out of the ordinary yet tasty. This place is actually famous for its fries and the variety of dippings, from cheese, bbq to wasabi to the usual suspects of ketchup and chilli, and the more exotic chocolate, roasted eggplant, rosemary aioli, for those who prefer exotic and healthy, there's a choice of fruity dips such as mango, strawberry and cinnamon. They claim to have over 30 kinds of dips!

Belgian fries are not your usual McDonalds fries, from frozen to fried. In fact, Pommes Frites claim to peel, cut and fry the sinful snack right at their kitchen, so no frozen or defrozing involved here, and hence the freshness. I do not doubt this claim as the fries has a layer of crispy skin but soft and fluffy inside. The regular serving is priced at RM4.50 with a choice of a dip and large at RM6.90. For those who want to try a few sauces/dips at one go, each additional dip cost RM2.50.

Beef Bacon Fettucine- RM10.90

Spaghetti Marinara- RM10.90

For our mains, we had a serving of Beef Bacon Fettucine and Spaghetti Marinara from the pasta menu. All the pastas are priced at RM10.90 which is quite a steal after seeing the portion and in all honesty, they taste pretty good too. Of course, don't expect it to bloody fantastic but hey it's better than paying close to RM20 for a pasta at Resipi Rahsia!

Mussels + Clam Provencal with White Wine- RM17.90

While mussels and clams are regulars at steamboat places, it is quite rare to see any eateries brave enough to offer this dish on its own (dai chow doesn't count). The first time I had a pot of mussels was sometime last year when I was in Singapore at Brussels Sprout. The second time was probably in Perth, chilli mussels at Nero's. This would be my third I guess.

Diners can have the option of choosing a pot of mussels or clams or a mix of both at the same price, RM14.90 per pot and RM17.90 if you want to add white wine. I chose the latter. There are also other shellfishes such as oysters and scallops done au gratin. Every pot of mussels/clams comes with a bowl of belgian fries with mayo too, very similar to Brussels Sprout's concept.

Huge mussels

Give credits when it is due and credits I must give. While the bowl is not spectacularly big, I must say the size of the shellfishes are not too small and stingy either. I appreciate the big mussels, though not alot, about 5 pieces and the generous amount of clams. For RM14.90, one cannot expect the serving to be as big as your grandmother's prized pot eh?

Belgian Fries with Mayo

More fries for you and I to linger around longer....... though there's no free ice water :(

But definitely deserves a comeback for the fries and other dippings, their variety of pasta and perhaps the oysters!

p/s: I think Pommes Frites is inspired by the same name eatery in New York specializing in Belgian Fries and the variety of dippings. Click here to see more.

Pommes Frites
F1 AV196 Asian Avenue
Sunway Pyramid (New Wing).

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Anonymous said...

I'd love to try those mussels and clams!!!

Oliver K. said...

is the portion huge?
cant expect much from that kinda price right? bring me go one day! can kakak?

Khian said...

Oi, where's the picture of my finger and the mussels? then can compare the size mah..

KY said...

ooo interesting, I always don't know what to have at pyramid

-eiling- said...

wah fries! my fav. I must go try la. Yiling, can you please buy me fries?

J2Kfm said...

eh i read bout this in the Metro section as well, when i was in KL.

no wonder the name sounds familiar. fries really tempting eh? so much dipping sauces. expected the mussels to be a hit though, as they really went all out promoting the fries n the mussels.

YilingL said...

We can go when you come back!

Portion is just nice :)

Hahaha I deleted the picture edi cos not good quality, not your finger of course :)

Here's a good place :)

Nah buy u McD fries.

Haha looks like we read the same column ;) Actually not too bad for a humble shop hidden in the Asian Avenue corner...

Huai Bin said...

Looks awesome Yiling! The prices are very reasonable too - I thought it would be very atas from the shop name as well. Heh!

You read the daily comics religiously? Ah, I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday. :)

Jen said...

i love potatoes! T___T

YilingL said...

Haha so now u know!

Potatoes and eggs are my comfort food!

kampungboycitygal said...

read about the article too..but sunway is not my tei tao (territory) lar..hardly go there

YilingL said...

Hahah time for KBCG to venture into Sunway!

Anonymous said...

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