Sunday, May 24, 2009

What An Ideal Saturday Is To Me

Yesterday is one of those days that felt as though life is great. I haven't had such a good day for a long long time.

Know that days like this only comes once in a blue moon, given the daily stress and distractions we're all facing.

The first half of the day was spent lying in bed, surfing the net, watching tonnes of YouTube videos of The Moffats and Boyzone (always a comfort, transporting myself back to the growing up days). In the afternoon, I headed back to office to catch up with some work. I prefer to work during the weekends where noone is in the office as much can be accomplished when there's no distractions that comes in the form of endless phone calls, having a new email every minute and frustrating ad-hoc problems.

Towards the evening, I headed back to Subang to E's place. E is a fellow colleague who is also a great friend and mentor and you wouldn't believe how the phrase "Six degrees of separation" is so true in this context. I got introduced to E during my first week in BAT, where I tagged along for lunch. He asked me what I was doing prior to this and I told him I was in the travel retail-dutyfree industry. Not long after that, we both realized we have the same acquintance- my ex-boss, ID. E handled the dutyfree account back then. Well all I can say is it's always a delight to know someone who also knows people that you know! Further into my stay in the company, I further discovered that the 6° of separation applies to most people I came to know. There're bound to be some connection from myself to the people I came to know and people I already know.

Ok haha this is not the real steak. Picture from google :p

Anyway, E and ID haven't met each other for over a decade and this is where I came to play- I asked ID out for a musical- Prince Siddhartha and got E to come along as well. It just turned out that all three of us are great fans of musicals. We headed to ID's place for a pre-drinks, dinner, and some decade-long worth of catching up before heading to Istana Budaya. ID, being such a gracious host treated us to a USD $200 bottle of Macallan and a home-cooked meal of medium rare steak with salad.

The musical was fantastic. At first I too was abit skeptical about it since it's about Buddhism, perhaps also one of the reasons why the musical is not heavily publicized? It is an all-Malaysian Chinese cast and I thought it'll be interesting at the same time to watch a Chinese musical. My first taste of Chinese musical was Butterfly Lovers and I enjoyed it tremendously. If there's anything I can describe Prince Siddhartha the Musical, it would be 'unbelievably good'. The cast is strong in vocals, dance, and acting. The props are just too awesome, if you thought Mamma Mia's props were awful, I'd say Prince Siddhartha gives you your money worth and the tickets aren't expensive. I really appreciate and am proud that our local production can come up with such amazing choreography, songs, and props. Most importantly, it's nothing religious but anyway Buddhism isn't a religion, it's a teaching :) And I am glad that both ID and E enjoyed the show as much as I did.

I would strongly recommend people to watch this. The show is still running till end of May. Click here for more details.

The night ended with another short chat back at ID's house. E and I adjourned to Subang and grabbed a bite of mamak before calling it a night. It was during the mamak session that I further discovered that E also knew my neighbour, Uncle Peter who passed away last year. Till this day, it still pains me that we have lost one good man.

The power of having a great day is immense, the happy feeling is still overflowing to today and I hope there's enough spillover to last me through the week before another weekend comes.

How was your weekend?


p.calais said...

woohoo!!!i'm the 1st to comment!!hehehe..ok,now that thats outta the way,sounds like you had an awesome weekend ms yiling!!!good on you!you deserve it,seing that you've been woking soo soo very hard of late!the steak looks delicious!(though i cant eat beef) weekend was a nice dinner(celebrate wei cai's bday),followed by night in the museum 2!it was hilarious!better than the 1st one i say!=D

Cindy Khor said...

glad that you have a happy weekend. if i'm in malaysia, i would certainly go watch this musical as i'm a buddhist myself and i just love musical..

-eiling- said...

no wonder came home so late yesterday! Hmmph...

Huai Bin said...

Boyzone! OMG Yiling I didn't know you listen to boy bands. :p

YilingL said...

Looks like you had a great weekend too! I had a great weekend myself :)

Yeah you would probably enjoyed it.

Heheheh you sleep early only :p

Yeah I do like Boyzone songs :D And I do like boy bands... then.

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