Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Heritage House @ Section 17, PJ

Little Heritage House
Little Heritage House

A 'Little Heritage House' opened up in Section 17, PJ (sandwiched between The Gastro Project and Yokotaya Japanese Restaurant), and it is literally a heritage house. The facade and entrance of the restaurant may mislead you into imagining yourself entering a Baba & Nyonya museum in Malacca. In a little postcard / leaflet given out during the opening month, Little Heritage House is described as a...

'.... timeline concept dining experience dedicated to the revival of the Straits Chinese culture...... to exhibit the material culture contextually while allowing diner to 'relive' bygone times and 'my grandmother' memory......... this project will lead to young generations to understand the bygone culture and appreciate their 'heritage & heirlooms'.......'
Little Heritage House
Old is gold

Every piece is a beauty - the grandeur furniture, the olden kitchenware, the antique lamps and window panes and the stained cowboy doors. Once you step your foot in, it's literally a 'blast from the past' and immediately you're transported to the glory 'our grandmother' era.

Barley lemon and nutmeg cooler - RM4 & RM8

Penang Rojak
Penang rojak - RM10

Kiam Chye soup
Kiam chye soup - RM28

Assam prawns
Assam prawns - RM33

Grilled sambal brinjal
Grilled sambal brinjal - RM22

Inche Kabin
Inche kabin - RM28

The menu was limited to only authentic Nyonya cuisine. For 3 pax, we ordered in small portions so that we could sample more dishes. In all honesty, I think the food was great, absolutely no complains for the main dishes - prawns were fresh and succulent, kiam chye soup was sour and homely as it should, the inche kabin (nyonya fried chicken with spices and coconut milk, deep fried twice) was hot and delicious, and oh brinjal and sambal how can anything possibly go wrong, goes well with rice too...

My only grouse was the drinks, which were priced too expensive in my (purse's) opinion.  

Complimentary homegrown pineapple from the 'backyard'

It must either be our lucky day or the owner was being generous to offer us this cute little pineapple said to be homegrown in their backyard. On normal days, you would need to pre-order in advance if you would like this as desserts. Oh, trust me you would want to pick up that phone and pre-order them cos it's really good - very sweet and refreshing.

Little Heritage House
Dine like an imperial Chinese royal upstairs

Granted that prices are steep, but if you are into antiques, you would really wanna start planning your weekday and weekend dinners and make sure you have one night scheduled here ;-)

Little Heritage House
No. 23, Ground & First Floor,
Jalan 17/56,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-79321810

* Visuals by iPhone 4

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]

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